The future’s bright for Merchant Venturers Building

During summer 2017, the Upper Atrium in Merchant Venturers Building (MVB), a social space used daily by students and staff, underwent an environmental revamp.

Rather than replacing its ripped and tired-looking booth seating, the department decided to reupholster it, choosing a cheerful rainbow theme to reflect the University's committment to a diverse community. The brightly coloured, reupholstered booths look fresh and new, have saved money and illustrate how we can be less wasteful if we reuse furniture rather than replacing it.

“We think they look really great. The new upholstery saved us about £10,000, which is fantastic, especially as it is such an improvement.”

Eleanor Stoddard, Senior Executive Assistant,  School of Computer Science, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and Engineering Maths

If you would like more information on reupholstery, please contact Dan Clark from the Senator Group 

For other questions on re-use and recycling contact Sustainability

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