Gold standard energy saving for Goldney Hall

The student halls used to have a reputation for poor temperature management and energy wastage.

Built in 1969, poor local control led to students opening their windows while the heating was on, leading to increased costs and emissions.

We installed advanced heating controls based on temperature and occupancy in each of the 269 rooms of Goldney Hall. The controls delivered more comfortable temperatures for the students, and reduced energy waste when students are out of their rooms.

The production of hot water was profiled so it now largely takes place outside peak periods for the electricity grid, reducing costs and playing a part in helping the grid to balance.

The difference in consumption between the year before installation and the year after was 225,000 kWh or 18%, equivalent to 110 tonnes of CO2.

The project received an overwhelmingly positive response from students in the hall, who value the increased comfort and control.

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