Food for life

Health is wealth – and never more so than when you're a student and nutrition is equally important as intellectual nourishment.

That's why the University of Bristol’s catering team has provided only the finest quality ingredients that benefit students' appetites as well as their pockets.

Students' desire to lessen their environmental impact and vary their diet resulted in less-meat Mondays, which proved so successful that the scheme was extended to include Thursdays too.

Students in Stoke Bishop halls of residence can sign up for fruit and veg boxes supplied by Bristol Community Farm, with the café at the Hub acting as a delivery and collection point, providing them with ingredients that are easy to prepare, providing convenience to students as well as supporting local farmers.

"We're always looking for ways that we can improve, working with students to make sure we're giving them what they need and responding to their ideas", said Annabel Hurst, Operations Manager Retail, who regularly meets with student societies and representatives.

Hospitality goes beyond the simple delivery of ethically sourced food – staff are trained to be able to explain the principles and benefits of sustainable nutrition, while menus and packaging for catered events are clearly labelled so that people know where their food comes from and why it matters.

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