'Earth Champions' Award

The University of Bristol is recognised for its commitment to the environment and wellbeing.

The Earth Champions Foundation is a global initiative that encourages and celebrates individuals and organisations who do positive work for the environment and wellbeing. Its most recent 'Quest' took place in Bristol after the city was awarded the title of European Green Capital for 2015. 

The aim of the Earth Champions charity is to recognise and award outstanding people and organisations from local communities who engage in sustainability and promote them as role models. For its broad range of sustainability related actions including achieving BREEAM accreditation on construction sites, setting up projects like ChemLabs, Food Cycle network or the departmental Green Impact Scheme, the University of Bristol was nominated for the award by Sir Crispin Tickell.

In June 2015, the University of Bristol and the Cabot Institute were awarded the title of 'Earth Champions' after being nominated in three categories: business, organisation and wellbeing. 


Results highlights

University of Bristol and Cabot Institute win 'Outstanding Earth Champion' for wellbeing.

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