Alumna helps create conservation documentary in South America

Robyn McLellan, Bristol alumna, joined a team to highlight environmental threats along the 3,000km of the Greater Patagonian Trail.

Documentary film Unbounded follows an unaided team of four in their early twenties as they hike the longest trail in South America, The Greater Patagonian Trail. The aim of the crew's expedition was to document the unspoilt, wild and awe-inspiring landscapes – some of which have never before been captured on film.

The journey began just south of Santiago and concluded in Patagonia National Park with a focus on the indistinguishable borders of Patagonia and showing the lesser-documented regions north of Patagonia.

Robyn McLellan joined the team as a Spanish translator, interviewing Chile’s environmentalists along the way. The documentary seeks to highlight the damage caused by damming and mining, and to push for more environmentally friendly energy solutions to be introduced.

If you like the sound of the film, check out Unbounded's Kickstarter page.

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