Bristol Big Give 2020

The Bristol Big Give 2020 (BBG) continued to support the British Heart Foundation (BHF) and local charities, despite COVID-19 challenges. The BBG main charity partner the British Heart Foundation has released its 2020 report which highlights successes over the last 12 years of the campaign. Donations during this challenging time still managed to reach 18 tonnes, saving 183,186 kg greenhouse gas emissions, and raising over £30,000 (based on £14 value to the BHF per bag). In total since 2012 the campaign has raised £1,357,846 for the BFH. We hope to be back with a full campaign again in 2021.

Each year, thousands of students move out of their accommodation. The University of Bristol has around 28,000 students alone. The Bristol Big Give is a collaborative campaign between the University of Bristol (UoB), the University of Bristol Students’ Union, the University of the West of England (UWE), University of the West of England Students’ Union, and Bristol Waste Company which aims to promote reuse and prevent landfilling during move out periods. 

This year has been a challenging year with coronavirus (covid-19) resulting in a national lockdown ahead of the launch of the 2020 campaign. The restrictions of the pandemic meant that most of our planned events for the period of April to July were cancelled. However, the 2019/2020 Bristol Big Give Campaign saw an amazing 14,000 bags of donations collected from both UWE and UoB student halls as well as 18 public donation points placed throughout the city. These donations have raised up to £31,500 for the British Heart Foundation, our main charity partner, and have prevented 18 tonnes (that’s about three elephants!) of reusable items from being landfilled.    

The campaign was supported by the employment of two student interns who spearheaded the student engagement and communications for the BBG partnership. The interns wereable to run a pop up stall to raise awareness for BHF and heart disease by selling donated items, at the Christmas Craft Fair, raising £67. The stall was run with the help of student volunteers, who provided information regarding the campaign, asked fellow students and staff to pledge donations and generated support via social media.  

Unlike previous years, due to Covid-19 restrictions, student staff for the University of Bristol and UWE were unable to carry out door-knocking in student-populated areas.  

When the campaign returns in Spring 2021, Sustainability are looking to further embed the Bristol Big Give in UoB’s partnership properties and students living in private properties. 

A full report on the Bristol Big Give Report 2019-2020 (PDF, 434kB) is available here. 

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