MSc student’s project helps inform Greater Bedminster Community Partnership

Julia Kole, MSc Environmental Policy and Management (2014), worked with the Greater Bedminster Community Partnership to produce a real-life research report as part of our community-based learning scheme.

Embedding education for sustainable development through community partnerships

As part of our commitment to embed sustainability in all our courses and programmes, students on the Cabot Institute's MSc programmes - Environmental Policy and Management, and Climate Change Science and Policy - have the opportunity to work closely with local organisations to complete their dissertation project. The community partnership scheme is also offered to students taking some units within International Development and International Relations pathways in the School of Politics and International Studies (SPAIS).

Researching urban biodiversity in Bedminster

In 2014, Julia Kole (MSc Environmental Policy and Management) worked with the Greater Bedminster Partnership to research why urban biodiversity was so low in Bedminster compared with other areas of Bristol, as well as investigating what examples of best practice Bedminster could adopt from other UK cities.

Julia found that wildlife corridors had improved biodiversity in other cities and that community involvement was key. After presenting her findings at a public meeting and in an executive summary of her dissertation, Julia's findings were used by the Greater Bedminster Partnership as a basis for future research, funding bids, and PR opportunities.

A win-win scenario for both students and partners

Julia’s project is an example of how such community partnerships really are a win-win scenario: the work provided real-life relevance to her dissertation, whilst the Partnership benefited from her research skills and enthusiasm.

Results highlights

Around 100 students each year on postgraduate programmes in the School of Geographical Sciences and the School of Politics and International Studies have the opportunity to undertake a community-based partnership.

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