Better connected

The sustainability team has supported a range of services for greener commuting.

Lifestyle and environmental choices go hand-in-hand at the University of Bristol, where staff and students are opting for journeys that are both eco-friendly and cost-effective.

Navigating sustainable ways for staff and students to travel to and from the University, including alternative travel options to the car, is no small ambition. The University comprises around 6,100 staff and 21,000 students, and such a regular, large flow of people on a daily basis can have a huge impact on the environment.

New services and initiatives include: a transport hub at the Stoke Bishop halls of residence running buses to and from the University and a night bus to the Triangle; public transport interest-free loan season tickets to staff; bus discounts for staff and students; and a bespoke Car Sharing scheme.

Those travelling by bike benefitted from the cycle-to-work scheme, as well as a bi-weekly free cycle surgery for maintenance and repairs. There is more cycle and motorcycle parking across the campus and a new car parking policy.

Monthly road shows and personal travel planning sessions promote the city's five Park and Ride schemes, with travel advisors having developed greener commutes with staff.

Working with regional and national transport providers also enabled the University to create a service that is truly connected, thanks to partnerships with Travelwest, UWE, Wessex Bus, National Express, Roll for the Soul and Life Cycle.

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