School of Arts regeneration

A major regeneration project in the School of Arts is rated 'Excellent' thanks to its exemplary level of environmental performance.

In 2009, following a detailed consultation process with staff and students, we extended the existing Arts building on Woodland Road to include a new entrance, more study areas, music spaces, and a new lecture theatre. Embedding sustainability concerns into the project's design and implementation meant we were awarded the highest possible level of certification, 'Excellent', in the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM).

Reducing water and energy use

Ensuring that the thermal insulation levels exceeded current Building Regulations requirements means we lose as little heat as possible from the extension. CO2 emissions are reduced by using heat pumps, a low-carbon technology, to provide both heating and cooling, alongside low-energy lighting.

We also installed efficient, low-water taps and WCs to reduce water use across the building.

Enhancing the external landscape

As well as making efficiency gains inside the extension, we also focused on the outdoor landscape, including adding cycle storage facilities to encourage sustainable travel. We carefully planned and developed our remodelling of the external landscape, ensuring that the overall ecological value increased when compared to the original site.

Results highlights

The project gained the highest BREEAM rating possible, 'Excellent'.

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