Before the day

Find out what you need to know and do before your February graduation ceremony.

Invitation email

If you are due to graduate in February you should receive an invitation email in November.

The invitation email will be sent to your home email address as registered with the University, unless we have received an updated contact email directly from you.

If you do not receive an invitation email by Monday 28 November and you are expecting to graduate, please see Registration troubleshooting for advice.  If you have any further issues please contact

If you receive an invitation email and you are not expecting to graduate, please let us know as soon as possible.

What you need to do next

Once you receive an invitation email you must complete the registration form via the link in your email to register for graduation. Please do not share the link with others as it is specific to you.

The registration deadline is 5 pm on Tuesday 6 December 2022.

Please note: If you do not register by the deadline we cannot guarantee you a place at your ceremony, or a ceremony in the future.

You must complete the form even if you do not yet know your result, and even if you do not wish to attend.

See Registration troubleshooting if you have any difficulties with the registration process.

Staff members

If you are a member of staff, interested in attending a graduation ceremony you can read our information for staff.

Plan your day

Find out about the day including what to expect at the ceremony, advice on getting to the University and a timetable for the day.

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