Data Week 2019

Thanks to our collaborators

20 - 24 May 2019

May 2019 saw the return of Data Week, a week long series of workshops, talks and events in the field of data science and data-intensive research. Including Python, open data, reproducible research, data analysis, live coding, deep learning and more. Slides from some of the events can be found below.

Monday 20 May 2019

Beginning Python
Constructing an academic knowledge graph and recommendation engine
Asking and answering questions with Open Data
AI and Machine Learning through academic partnership with business
Do you want to be a data rockstar? (PDF, 7,364kB)
Dive into Data

Tuesday 21 May 2019

Best practice for reproducible research
Managing ethically sensitive research data: from planning to sharing 
Intermediate Python
Optimising the use of routine administrative health records: the role of data science methods
Explore UK Crime Data with Pandas and Geopandas 
Africa Regional Data Cube (PDF, 1,252kB)

Wednesday 22 May 2019

Introduction to Data Analysis in Python 
Live Coding / Algorave workshop
Introduction to Linux
Introduction to Open Research

 Thursday 23 May 2019

Applied Data Analysis in Python
RESULTS: Recommender Systems for engaging Users with healthy Living habiTS 
Rethinking science and innovation in the era of datification - Small trees big data (PDF, 2,261kB) Is the genie out of the bottle? (PDF, 682kB) Patients online interventions can scupper clinical trials (PDF, 66kB) Smart cities need think data not big data (PDF, 1,917kB)
Audio classification with Convolutional Neural Networks
Doing the future differently: Sociology, data science and the promise of a new r (PDF, 663kB)

Friday 24 May 2019

Further Linux
Introduction to Deep Learning - slides & github repo
Tour of the Tidyverse
Introduction to High Performance Computing
Tour of the Tidyverse


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