Data Week

25 - 29 June 2018

Data Week in June 2018 was an extremely popular series of workshops in the world of data science and data-intensive research, with a range of topics including live coding, Python and machine learning, which ended on the Friday with an Algorave.

We held the following workshops - please click on the highlighted topic for more info and/or slides

25 June 2018 Beginning Python
26 June 2018 Introduction to R in 6 hours - Mango Solutions
26 June 2018 A hands on introduction to 3D digitisation 3D Digitisation slides (PDF, 1,537kB) 3D Digitisation Workbook (PDF, 665kB)
26 June 2018 Introduction to Shiny - Mango Solutions
26 June 2018 Introduction to ggplot2 - Mango Solutions
27 June 2018 Introducing modern Generalized Additive Models Generalized additive models (PDF, 758kB) Smooth effect types and big data methods (PDF, 727kB) Beyond mean modelling: GAMLSS models (PDF, 1,820kB) Distribution-free modelling: Quantile GAMs (PDF, 2,357kB)
27 June 2018 Intermediate Python
27 June 2018 Colour as data
28 June 2018 Data analysis in Python
28 June 2018 An introduction to open research An introduction to open research (PDF, 2,848kB)
29 June 2018 Introduction to machine learning
29 June 2018 Live-Coding / Algorave workshop
Live coding workshop
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