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Doctoral researcher Luo Tan awarded the BAICE Student Fieldwork Grant

7 June 2021

Luo Tan’s doctoral research project “Investing in a Global Language in a Local Field” has been awarded the BAICE Student Fieldwork Grant worth just under £2000.

We are pleased to announce that Doctoral Researcher at the School of Education, Luo Tan, has been awarded the Student Fieldwork Grant by the British Association for International and Comparative Education (BAICE). 

By focusing on Beijing’s policy to ‘de-emphasise’ the significance of English in China’s education system, Luo Tan’s highly topical study seeks to show how education policy can be used to challenge the existing imaginaries and taken for granted assumptions about the value of English as a ‘global’ language; and how the resulting tensions are being negotiated by young people resident in Western China, who for reasons of access are under-represented in international research.

Luo’s investigation of the complex and at times contradictory desires around the English language engages with the notions of cosmopolitanism, nationalism, and investment; and seeks to demonstrate how the local, the national, and the global come together in shaping horizons of action.

The reviewers recognised the potential of Luo’s research to make a significant contribution to our understanding of how individuals and their families negotiate the changing education context in modern China against the background of global transformations and geopolitical shifts. The project is supervised by Dr Matt Kedzierski and Dr Jessie Abrahams.

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