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School of Education

School of Education
35 Berkeley Square
Bristol, BS8 1JA

Understanding and improving education as a basis for opportunity and social inclusion is central to the health and future of societies.

The School's mission is to develop learning and leadership for a changing world. This it does through research and teaching that promotes achievement, opportunity and social justice.

Since it was founded in 1913, the School has achieved international prominence and distinction in developing the professional and academic skills of educationists in the United Kingdom and around the world.

Today, we teach and guide over 1005 students from more than 70 different countries in teacher training, undergraduate, masters’ and doctoral programmes each year. These programmes lead to careers in research, teaching, school leadership, educational and social policy, educational psychology, teaching English as an additional language, and many other fields.

Welcome to our School, we hope we will have the chance to meet you soon.

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