Before your exam day

Before your exam make sure you're ready and have the information you need.

Preparing for examinations in person

Make sure you are ready for on campus exams by reading the Code of conduct for examinations (Office document, 28kB) along with the points below.

  • Most on campus exams will start at either 09:15 or 14:15.
  • Some school run exams will start at different times. If you are unsure of your start time check your personal exam timetable.
  • Once in the exam hall you are required to be silent.
  • No additional time will be allowed for students arriving late. If you arrive more than 30 minutes after the start of the examination, you will not be allowed into the hall and will be directed to your school.
  • You need to have your UCard with you.
  • You will be required to leave all bags and coats at the back of the room so please leave valuables at home wherever possible and also ensure that you are appropriately dressed for the venue and weather.
  • The only type of pencil cases you are permitted to have on your desk are clear plastic. Correction fluid and correction pens are not allowed.
  • Drinks bottles are allowed provided they contain water only and have no labels or writing on them. Food is not allowed unless you have a medical need, in which case you should make an invigilator aware.
  • Mobile phones, smart watches or other electronic devices are not allowed at your desk.

Preparing for online exams and Timed Assessments

  • Take time to review the advice available in our online and open book exams resource.  It looks at how to prepare and revise effectively for exams and what to do on the day.
  • Check out our other study skills resources including advice about studying from home.
  • Give yourself enough time to submit your work by the deadline in case you have any difficulties in electronic submission. Use the practice opportunities if your school provides them.
  • Ensure you can access your assessment wherever you are studying or email: if you have any concerns about doing this.
  • We expect you to maintain the highest standards of academic integrity. Action will be taken if any misconduct takes place, including plagiarism, collusion and contract cheating.
  • If you would prefer a quiet space on campus to take an online exam you will be able to book a desk. Students with online exams will be emailed with booking information which must be completed and submitted at least 2 working days before the exam start. You will receive confirmation of which desk you have been allocated and the venue details by email. This booking facility is for short duration exams only and is not for either timed assessments or general study space.
    • You will need to bring your own laptop and there will be power access in the room.
    • If your exam includes a ‘listening’ element you must also bring headphones to avoid disrupting other students. 

Exam regulations

Familiarise yourself with our exam regulations.

Data protection and exam materials

Information on exams and data protection is available from the University Secretary's Office.

If you are unable to complete an assessment

If you are ill or have other issues which prevent you from completing your assessment see our assessment support option. For more advice or contact your School Office.

If you're worried about your exams

If you're worried about your exams you may want to see the Health and Wellbeing Student Support pages or contact the Bristol SU Academic Advice team for advice. 

Where to find advice and support

You can find help on the University's website to support you in taking online exams, including:

Taking exams outside the UK

What you should do if you need to take an exam outside of the UK.

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