Results and transcripts


Confirmed results, including awards for final year students, will be available after they are ratified by the final exam board.

Find more information on the exam board outcomes and how to view assessment details and results.

You can contact your school if you have any queries about your results.


A transcript is an official document recording the units you studied, the marks you achieved and your award. It may be required for employers, prospective employers, voluntary organisations or educational institutions as proof of a student's attainment.

When your award is published, you can also access and download your final transcript of marks:

  1. Log in to eVision:
  2. Select Download transcript to download and save a copy for your records, as your University systems access will expire in due course.

After your access has expired, if you require a copy of your final transcript you should submit a transcript request to your faculty office.

If you have any questions about your transcript, contact your faculty office.

See faculty contacts and details of the transcript request process below.

What a transcript does and doesn't include

Transcripts include: 

  • Units taken in each year of study
  • Assessment and reassessment (as appropriate) grades for each unit
  • Total number of credits gained in each unit taken and in each year of study
  • Degree awarded, degree classification and date of award (where applicable)
  • A glossary to explain any mark signals which appear on the transcript.

Transcripts don't include: 

  • Year marks
  • Programme marks
  • An explanation of how every award has been made. There is a risk in trying to do so, that your individual circumstances may be misrepresented or misinterpreted.
  • What allowance was made for any extenuating circumstances.

Any context can be provided in a reference if appropriate.

Transcripts for students who were studying at Bristol in the academic year 2019/20

Where assessment was withdrawn in 2019/20 due to coronavirus, your transcript will show a mark of zero, together with a signal to show that credit was awarded.

If you were not able to complete all of the assessment for a unit, but the board of examiners considered that you had demonstrated that you had met the intended learning outcomes, your transcript may show a zero and a signal to indicate that you had passed the unit, notwithstanding your circumstances.

These zeroes indicate the absence of a mark, rather than a true zero.

Find full details about progression in the University Assessment and Feedback regulations.

Mark signals

You may see mark signals alongside your assessment marks and unit results. Understand the mark signals on your assessments, units and transcripts and what they mean. 

Request an academic transcript

Transcripts are sent out by schools and faculties and can be provided in sealed envelopes with the University stamp to prove they are authentic.

If you are ordering an award verification letter and/or replacement certificate to be sent by post and would like it to be sent with your transcript, make a note in 'any additional information' on the form when ordering your transcript. Transcripts can take 10 working days to be produced by the faculty. If you ask for your transcript to be posted in the same envelope as your award verification, your delivery may be delayed. You may prefer to order these separately if circumstances allow.

Request an academic transcript

Faculty contacts for transcript information

Transcripts are produced by your Faculty Office. Contact your faculty for further information and their process: 

Current students: not sure which faculty you are in?

Use StudentInfo to find your faculty.

Former students: not sure which faculty you were in?

Use the Programme Catalogue  to find your faculty.

We are unable to complete or sign external forms which are sent to us for verification purposes.  

Questions about transcripts

Transcripts are provided by the relevant Faculty Office, not the Awards Verification team. If you have a question about transcripts, contact your Faculty Office:

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