Alternative Exam Arrangements and Accessibility

Alternative Exam Arrangements (AEAs)

Alternative Exam Arrangements (AEAs) are any reasonable adjustments made to an exam assessment where the standard exam arrangements will put you at a disadvantage because of a disability, health condition or specific learning difficulty, such as dyslexia.

Contact Disability Services to apply for AEAs.

If Disability Services recommend AEAs for you, they will send a Study Support Plan (previously Disability Support Summary) to your academic school and to you, and tell the Exams Office what AEAs you need.

Deadlines for getting AEAs in place

You must have received a Study Support Plan (previously Disability Support Summary), or completed the Study Support Request and provided evidence of a disability by the deadlines below. Please do this through the Disability Services website.

  • January assessment period: The deadline is 23:59 on Thursday 9 November 2023.
  • Summer assessment period: The deadline is to be confirmed.
  • August re-assessment period: The deadline is to be confirmed.

If you miss the deadlines, it may not be possible to put AEAs in place and you may have to submit Exceptional Circumstances (ECs) instead. Be sure to make early contact with Disability Services if you need alternative exam arrangements.

AEAs for temporary injuries, illness and pregnancy

Disablity Services has guidance for students who are injured, ill or pregnant.

Using a translation dictionary in exams

If your first language is not English, you might be given permission to use a translation dictionary in your exam. You are not allowed to use an electronic translation device in any exam.

If your school allows the use of a translation dictionary:

Accessibility requirements

If you have any other specific accessibility requirements not covered in the DisabledGo link, please contact your School Disability Coordinator or Disability ServicesContacts.

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