Affiliated staff and students

NameTitle / PositionResearch expertise
Professor Geof Allen Emeritus Professor

Nanocomposites; Microcomposites; Surface chemistry; Particle dispersion; Particle-polymer interfaces.

Professor Mike Ashfold Emeritus Professor Chemical vapour deposition; Diamond films; Pulsed laser deposition; Biomechanics; Renewable energy and Sustainability. 
Dr Wuge Briscoe Reader in Physical Chemistry Interactions at bio- and nano-interfaces. 
Dr Isaac Chenchiah Senior Lecturer in Mathematics Applied mathematics, solid mechanics, multiphase materials, multi-stable and morphing structures, molecular bio-mechanics.
Professor David Cherns Emeritus Professor Nanostructured solar cells and light emitting diodes; Wide band gap semiconductors; Structure of defects and interfaces; Transmission electron microscopy. 
Professor Jonathan Cooper RAEng Airbus Sir George White Professor of Aerospace Engineering Aeroelasticity; Structural dynamics; Morphing Structures; Aero-elastic tailoring. 
Professor Terence Cosgrove
Emeritus Professor of Chemistry Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR); Neutron scattering; Polymers; Colloids; Molecular modelling. 
Professor Adam Crewe Professor of Earthquake Engineering Earthquake engineering; Structural dynamics; Seismic testing; Earthquake resistant design; Earthquake resistant construction.
Professor Anthony Croxford
Professor of Ultraconics and Dynamics Guided wave structural health monitoring; Defect classification and quantification using ultrasound. 
Dr Andrea Diambra Associate Professor of Geotechnical Engineering   Reinforced soils; Geomechanics; Crushing mechanics; Numerical methods. 
Professor Bruce Drinkwater Professor of Ultrasonics 

Multi element array imaging; Structural health monitoring; 
Characterisation of interfaces; bonds and layers.

Professor Charl Faul Professor of Materials Chemistry  Functional nanomaterials; Conduction/Semi-conducting self-assembled organic materials; Photo-addressable and chiral liquid crystals. 
Professor Erdin Ibraim Professor in Experimental Geomechanics / Head of Department Soil mechanics; Fibre reinforced soils; Soil-structure interaction; Advanced experimental testing of geomaterials.  
Professor Martin Kuball Professor of Physics 

Micro/Nano-thermography; Nano-borides for energy applications; Nano-sensors; Wideband gap nanostructures; Electronic and Optoelectronic devices; Thermoelectrics.

Dr Dong Liu Lecturer in Physics Nuclear materials; Aerospace materials; Ceramic matrix composites; GaN-on-diamond; Fracture mechanics; Microstructure.
Professor John Macdonald Professor of Structural Dynamics  Structural dynamics; Wind engineering; Structural health monitoring. 
Dr Dario di Maio Honorary Lecturer  Experimental structural dynamics; Rotorcraft dynamics.  
Professor Stephen Mann Professor of Chemistry  Self-assembled materials; Nanomaterials; Materials with complex form. 
Professor Paul May Professor of Physical Chemistry  Chemical vapour deposition (CVD); Diamond films; Plasma diagnostics.  
Professor Phil Mellor Professor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering  Electromechanical actuation; Energy harvesting systems; Multi-functional materials; Control of electrical drive and actuation Systems. 
Dr Mohammad Naghavi Zadeh Research Associate, Department of Engineering Mathematics  
Professor Simon Neild Professor in Nonlinear Structural Dynamics, Head of School Nonlinear dynamics; Structural control; Dynamic testing. 
Dr Avinash Patil Research Fellow in School of Chemistry  Fabrication of hybrid nanomaterials; Nanocomposites  
Professor Martyn Pavier Professor in Mechanics of Materials  Residual stresses; Impact damage; Delamination. 
Professor Jonathan Rossiter Professor of Robotics  Electroactive polymers and composites; Soft robotics; Artificial muscles. 
Professor Robert Smith Professor of NDT and High Value Manufacturing 

NDT for High Value Manufacturing of Composites

Professor Bo Su Professor of Biomedical Materials  Nanofibres and nanocomposites; Ceramics and composites; Bio-composites. 
Professor Colin Taylor  Professor of Earthquake Engineering  Civil engineering structures; Earthquake engineering; Dynamics. 
Dr Eleni Toumpanaki Lecturer in Civil Engineering  
Dr Jeroen van Duijneveldt Honorary Reader Colloidal particles; Polymers and nanocomposites; Surfactants; Liquid crystals. 
Professor Paul Wilcox Professor of Dynamics Non-destructive evaluation (NDE); Structural health monitoring (SHM); Ultrasonics. 
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