Research partnerships and collaborations

Opportunities for industry to engage with student research projects

Bristol Composites Institute is involved in various student research programmes within the University of Bristol and other universities in the UK. Industry can engage directly with both undergraduate and postgraduate students through a series of research projects within these programmes. 

Undergraduate projects

All 3rd-year Aerospace Engineering students conduct an Individual eXploratory research Project (IXP) of their choice.

In their 4th year, the students carry out a more in-depth piece of research or Final Year Project (FYP) which can be an extension of their IXP.

Industrial partners can propose a research project for inclusion in the project list. The scope of the research is defined through discussion once a student has selected their research topic.

Postgraduate projects

There are many opportunities for industrial partners to work with postgraduate students, from contributing to short-term research projects to collaborating on long-term PhD or EngD projects:

Postgraduate students on the Advanced Composites MSc and Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) PhD programmes undertake a six or nine-month intensive taught course, before embarking on a three-month research project of their own choosing, respectively. The CDT PhD students can choose either to continue their project as a PhD or select a new project.

The postgraduate students have a good level of knowledge and skills relating to composite mechanics and experimentation. Involvement in their research project is an excellent opportunity for the industry to work with high-quality postgraduate students. Examples of current and past research projects can be viewed on the CDT Research Projects webpage.

For industrial partners looking for more industry-led research, the University hosts an Industrial Doctorate Centre (IDC) in Composites Manufacture. EngD students, or EngD Research Engineers, undertake a four-year, industry-led research project, based with the sponsor company addressing the sponsor’s commercial research priorities. Specialist training ensures that EngD Research Engineers bring considerable technical knowledge and capability to their project. 

Proposing a project

For Undergraduate, MSc and CDT PhD short-term projects, no industrial funding is required. However, CDT PhD projects and the EngD programme require financial contributions from the industrial partner. Please refer to the Summary of engagement opportunities (PDF, 107kB) for further information and contact details.

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