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Macros for MLwiN 1.10

A complex or frequently-used sequence of commands may be coded using a text editor and stored in an ASCII file for execution by MLwiN as a sequence. Such a stored sequence is called a macro and several may be stored and accessed. There is a macro menu through which individual macros or sets of macros can be accessed. Macros can put up their own menu dialogue windows with check boxes for users to complete. This makes the handling of complex operations or sequences very straightforward. Macros can control graphics output, how the GUI is updated and manipulate certain aspects of MCMC and bootstrap estimation.

Multicategory ordered or unordered responses

These macros will fit multilevel multinomial models with logit, probit and clog-log functions.

Survival/event history models

These macros will fit multilevel Cox (frailty) models and parametric log (duration) models.

Time series models and nonlinear models for variances

Repeated measures models with response as a proportion

Macros for Access to IGLS Algorithm

The description of these algorithms with examples of their use is given in the MLwiN help system.

There is a variety of software you can use to un-zip files, eg WinZip or CAM unZip.

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