MLwiN bugs

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MLwiN 3.11


Update some help file entries
Correct an error when reading Stata files containing strL variables
Correct an error in the "map" record when saving Stata file format 117 and higher
Fix crash when reading columns from very old worksheet formats
Fix potentially writing outside buffer when writing SAS transport files
Set the data label if set when writing SAS transport files
Import detection of the number of observations when reading SAS transport files
Add handling for truncated doubles when reading SAS transport files
Improved user-defined dialogue box handling, rendering and help file entries
Update zlib to version 1.3.1
Update shapelib to version 1.6.0
Add missing runtime library to Windows setup distribution
Fix crash on startup that can occur when locale is set to some values
Fix crash if an attempt is made to load/save an SPSS file and the necessary I/O module is not present
Add more error checks when reading/writing SPSS files
Correct cases where an error may occur when parsing ranges within the command line
Correct parsing of very small numbers in scientific notation within the command line (e.g. 2e-5)
Provide more error messages if errors occur while parsing the command line, instead of silently ignoring these
Use more exact values when identifying Stata missing value codes when reading
Enable string ranges to be parsed correctly
Correct possible incorrect command parsing when there is a "-" character present
Improve responsiveness of output window while commands are running
Improve documentation of CODE command
Fix pause button sometimes being left visible after a macro aborts
Fix display error when loading a macro file into the editor
Fix crash if attempting to copy an empty string
Avoid closing any open macro editor windows when a new worksheet is loaded via the GUI
Fix histogram not being plotted when data to be graphed has a different length to the filter column
Avoid an unnecessary graph redraw
Add HSET command to set rows of data to a value based on the current model hierarchy (used when setting graph highlights)
Add HSTY command to allow setting custom graph styles via macros
Save graph highlight information in the worksheet (this required updating the saved worksheet version)
Improve refreshing the data window when values change in the worksheet
Improve writing missing values when saving to older worksheet versions
Update the displayed column names in the groups window when these are changed elsewhere
Add more checks that the columns have the expected length within commands
Avoid crash if rotate is chosen for graph colour or symbol and no grouping column has been specified

MLwiN 3.10


Fix crash when loading worksheets containing MCMC factor models
Slightly increased precision when calculating quantiles
Fix import from SPSS when not all variables have categories defined or are missing descriptions
SUMV, COMM, SUFF, WAIT, INPU, SETW, MVAL, RMEA, MEAS, SKWT, SSDE, GETR are no longer recognised as valid commands (these previously did nothing)
Remove undocumented MLIN, LAG1, WRIT, DESI, MCON, MPRE, FRAC, LAGS, GDYA commands
Improve parameter checking for 2-operand arithmetic commands
Give warning if attempting integer division or modulo by zero instead of crashing
Add ACOS, ASIN, ATAN, DIV, MOD and TAN commands which were previously documented but not implemented
Give an error in CALCulate if an "M" is encountered which does not correspond to missing
Improve parameter checking for VIEW and SETT commands
Update documentation to cover all available commands and match implemented behaviour
Only attempt to set the column name when pasting if a column with that name does not already exist
Fix crash in LISTwise where a single missing value is specified instead of a column of missing codes
Fix cases where the matrix determinant could sometimes be reported with the wrong sign
Add FMOD command and CALCulate operator to allow modulo operation to be applied to non-integer values
Fix crash in CUMSUM, ROWLENGTH and COLLENGTH CALCulate functions
Fix error in MIN/MAX functions
Provide error if equals sign appeared within the body of a calculate statement, rather than silently ignoring the whole command
Avoid crash if destination for a calculate command was invalid
Automatically increase number of worksheet columns if there wouldn't be enough space to load from an external data format and the current worksheet data is being replaced
When importing external files formats and there are more columns that have been specified start adding extra columns from the highest specified, rather than the last one listed
Fix some cases where the GUI was not being correctly notified of changes to the back-end
Fix crash when checking the defined MCMC prior column if no responses have been specified
Correct calculation of column means when there is missing data present
Improve command parameter checking when loading external data formats
Add support for reading and writing all Stata DTA formats (see DTAV command to set the version when saving)
Improve support for reading Stata files containing no observations
Add command (CVCP) to convert text in the current worksheet from a specified code page to Unicode. This could be useful for fixing the text in worksheets where accented character had previously been used
Update imputation commands to allow imputed dataset to be loaded from supported binary data formats, in addition to the previous text format
Correct HSYM calculate function to return matrix elements in the expected order
Fix crash when attempting to plot a histogram

MLwiN 3.09


Store neighbours and weights for all CAR classifications, rather than only the values from the highest classification
Improve memory bounds checking
Avoid some unnecessary memory copies
Fix names window toolbar to correctly reflect new state if categorical status of a column changes
Avoid crash if model tracking columns have not been set
Create screenshots from within front rather than back-end
Check currently set-up model is valid before displaying likelihood in equation
Reduce number of places where (R)IGLS structures are built and cleared
Avoid creating a temporary column when raw weights have not been specified
Issue (R)IGLS weighting command when "Done" is pressed in dialog is pressed, rather than each option is changed
Avoid unnecessary recalculation of standardised weights
Move Bootstrap estimation functionality into a back-end command
Match behaviour of "STARt 1" command between GUI and commands
Improve monitoring of running model
Correct MCMC iteration reporting when thinning is specified
Run all estimation in front-end via commands
Remove unnecessary iteration reports
Add commands for changing Bootstrap estimation settings
Add support for probit and cloglog binomial link functions to Bootstrap estimation
Ignore missing values when checking the range of response variables
Add commands for changing MCMC settings
Explicity record denominator/offset columns, rather than relying on a specially named column
Correct off-by-one error in CODE command
Use more accurate values for some mathematical constants
Ensure output window is opened in the UI thread if a command error occurs
Avoid double reset when clearing the worksheet
Improve command line parsing
Correct range of data used by YRES command to take missing data into account
Use matrix operations to create starting values for betas and overall residual calculations
Remove limits on number of macros or loops allowed
Allow loops to be nested within a macro
Reinstate dropping trailing zero decimals from numbers included in SJOIN command
Load full macro into memory when called with OBEY command
Correct command syntax checks in GRESp and EXISt commands
Allow MCMC state to be correctly loaded from saved worksheets
Don't allow commands to be issued between SWITch and first CASE command
Only allow one CASE value to match a given value with a SWITch
Only call commands after empty CASE: statement if no other CASE matches, rather than calling these unconditionally
Ignore fully empty command lines, rather than all those fewer than three characters
Improvements to text input/output command and error reporting
Fix incorrect parsing of values starting with "E" or "e" when importing text files
Update data window immediately after the user changes the number format
Correctly update the number of rows displayed in the names window if the maximum number of rows in displayed columns changes
Fix crash in various settings toggling commands if they are run with no parameters
Allow output echoing to work correctly after resuming a paused macro
Avoid "Command Interpreter Busy" error if manually specifying the point size in the graph specification window
Correct text for some error messages
Correct some error checking code for SPSS import that prevented data from being imported if not all variables have associated value labels
When outputting text write missing values as blank fields, unless a space delimiter is specified
Update values in the variance function window whenever an input value is changed, rather than just the grid margin or first column is clicked/changed
Fix some cross-thread UI accesses
Update model running state after an error occurs
Immediately update displayed value if number format options are changed
Correctly load previous iteration and number of converged iterations when loading a worksheet
Allow cutting text from more locations
Fix crash that could occur when using "modify term" dialogue
Iterate to convergence if using STARt/NEXT 1
Avoid calling commands unncessarily from the non-linear settings dialogue
Update UI platform to .Net 8

MLwiN 3.08


Fix bug preventing SAS transport files being loaded correctly
Correct bug preventing negative-binomial dispersion parameter being stored in the chain column
Don't flag model as having changed if MULM is called but doesn't change the current setting
Correct bug where row count in the data window was not updated if it is lower than the total number of rows for all visible columns
Update zlib to version 1.3
Improve writing debug information to the output window
Remove any formatting characters when pasting category names
Convert to/from UTF16 when copy/pasting to the Windows clipboard
Fix crash when loading old worksheets where the response is not multivariate
Fix some cases where the application toolbar didn't correctly update the status when loading worksheets
Fix some cases where the model state was not correctly reflected when loading a worksheet
Update the column protection indicator in the Names window if this is changed by a command
Correctly generate an error if a CAR ID is present that isn't also in the corresponding classification column.
When saving a BUGS model don't writing partial residual data if nothing is random for a level
Prevent crash when loading a worksheet containing MCMC estimation information by calculating the model hierarchy sooner in the load process

MLwiN 3.07


Check group/box/column numbers used in calculate command are within valid range
Allow LEV1 calculate function to work on groups containing more than one column
Avoid when selecting columns to view in the Data window if the number of columns has changed since the window was opened
Remove dependency from classification display calculation
Avoid crash when setting up model where no explanatory variable have been defined
Fix some user interface resource leaks
Adjust some window default sizes to avoid unnecessary scrolling
Support Unicode (UTF8) encoding
Avoid unnecessary command calls when creating graphs
Improve support for European style decimal separators (note: this means comma can no longer be used as a command parameter separation character)
Run commands and long-running tasks in a separate thread
Correct off-by-one error in graph point selection, preventing last row of data being selectable
Fix crash in BGRD command if the wrong parameters are provided to the command
Allow recognising columns changed by the calculate command that are used in a model as having changed the model specification
Improve UI event generation and handling
Avoid calling commands in order to generate GUI elements
Don't store undo information for data manipulation operations in worksheet columns
Improve column name change handling in "multiple regression" window
Improve consistency in file name/description text in program title bar
Allow TPRO command to work correct when given negative values
Improve when margin titles are automatically added in relation to row/column grouping
Remove calls to GTAB from the UI, as this information is always automatically calculated and the user never has any control over the values
Perform any graph auto-sorting directly in the back-end, avoiding extra unnecessary command calls
Don't use an extra temporary column when doing graph selections
Add 3D graphs to list of windows that can be manipulated via WSET
Improve error messages provided by PUPN command when input parameters are incorrect
Fix overwrite of input column in the IMPEST command
If an estimate is exactly zero report the se as zero too
Handle incorrect length column being requested by the GUI
Allow pausing running macros by default
Avoid unnecessary PRE/POST commands being run when starting MCMC estimation
Avoid crash if no reference category is selected when setting a response type via the GUI
Avoid crash if multiplying matrices containing a zero dimension
Clear the MCMC prior definition column if the model specification changes
Fix the MONI command so that it only affects the "model changed" flag, rather than data modification events as well
Flag model/MCMC status changes in the back-end, rather than the GUI
Avoid crash if estimation a CAR model where there are no predictors at a level
Avoid division by zero if one of the columns used in a calculate command has a size of zero
Record when a model is sufficiently set-up to be able to be estimated and update the GUI appropriately
Report status for all estimation types consistently as status bar text
Reduce flickering in the "Names" window when columns change
Fix command parameter validation in the PLPT command
Avoid crash if the user has manually shortened the missing indicator column
Report column means in the "Names" window
Avoid crash if the EXCL 1 command is used without a second parameter
Use more accurate compiler provided constants for numeric values such as "pi" and "e" (not that is might results in slightly different estimation results compared to the previous version)
Speed up date transfer to graph component
Fix options for filtering subsets of the hierarchy within the hierarchy viewer window
Fix crash if the user doesn't select a predictor to add to the model in the "add term" window
Speed up drawing for the "Boxes" window
Move pasting data to a new menu item, and leave the "Control-V" shortcut for standard pasting
Improve "Response" window to correctly reflect previously chosen responses when loaded, and allow removing all responses.
Avoid resetting the working directory each time another setting is changed in the "Options" window
Apply settings for all tab in the "Options" window when clicking the "Done" button
Maintain position at the end for both views of the command log
Hide "X variable" window when modifying term
Select "uniform prior" checkbox when loading the "Priors" window if this is what it was set to previously
Don't call IGLS related command when running more MCMC iterations or calculating MCMC residuals, as these are not required
Speed up selecting different columns to view from the "Data" window
Remove error boxes if graph columns were not all the same length or where used to store MCMC residuals chains

MLwiN 3.06


Update user interface when PAUSe 1 command is issued
Correct crash introduced in 3.05 when displaying group information
Correct previous fix for displaying Wishart prior parameters
Correct error message display for some graph setting commands
Avoid crash if the frontend requests the size of a non-existent column
Make software aware of high DPI monitors
Correctly set the matrix dimensions of newly added columns
Reset the hierarchy information if the model is cleared
Fix case where sometimes the software didn't update the hierarchy information after changes to the ID column
Fully reset the random number generators after changing the seed
Correctly remove temporary column when running discrete models which would otherwise cause the worksheet to become full
Correct inverted logic causing prediction window to display simple/general notation the wrong way around
Correct error that causes the order information to be lost from a model term when saving and loading
Update zlib to version 1.2.13
Update LAPACK to version 3.10.1
Switch to Visual Studio 2022/.Net 7 for building the software
Build scripting version that can run natively on the M1 Mac

MLwiN 3.05


Display correct MCMC prior matrix in equations window when elements have been removed from the matrix in the model
Correct the calculation of the random part co-variance matrix when parameter expansion is specified
Ignore rows where the level identifier has a missing value, instead of incorrectly creating extra groups
Remove spurious warning message when reading a worksheet that has a different number of levels defined to the current value
Correct off-by-one errors in checks when querying model structure
Apply some internal restructuring
Correct off-by-one error when finding an empty column
Improve reliability of graph filtering
Add option to specify the type of residual adjustment to use
Add column descriptions for residuals calculated via the GUI
Match GUI to the backend by only allowing integer tolerances to be entered
Correct usage message for MTOT command
Allow setting the column description to the same as the name via the GUI
Fix a possible crash/error in model specification when removing a variable near the end of the model from the random part
Clarify warning message when exporting data to Stata and there are invalid variable names
Attempt to keep Window's recent document list up to date when using the LOAD/STOR commands
Avoid adding newline character to category labels pasted in via the names window or PCAT command
Correct the parameter range check when specifying a subset of datasets to use in the ISTA command
Fix off-by-one error which was causing excessive memory allocation when running an imputation analysis
Clear parameter and likelihood history prior to running an imputation analysis
Correct denominator check for MCMC probit models to take into account missing data
Update shapelib to version 1.5.0
Update LAPACK to version 3.9.0

MLwiN 3.04


Correct OLSE command when using a subset of fixed parameters
Fix crash in the RAND command due to information not being updated when a model is modified by has not yet been run
Update output columns to appropriate size even if no iterations have yet occurred
Prevent crash if the user presses the F3 key in the View/Edit data window
Attempt to keep dialogue boxes on the same screen where they are opened from
Read whole file before modifying the worksheet in the GDAL command
Fully create customised prediction and residuals columns before adding them to the worksheet
Correct crash when loading multiple membership MCMC state from a worksheet
Add "[none]" option for column output in the predictions window
Clear x-axis specification if a histogram graph type is requested
Fix potential crash retrieving random part model information from the back-end
Update export options for common graph legend to match main graphs
Fix graph title scaling to work on the actual rather than visible dimensions
Correct residuals command generated via GUI interface to reference correct levels when displayed level numbers do not go from 1..N
Only list levels in the residual window if there are variables defined as random at that level
Fix incorrect variable sometimes been chosen when using the modify term window to modify the model
In the customised prediction graph window select median prediction by default if it has been calculated and the mean hasn't
Avoid hang when clearing the model and the size of the output columns is smaller than the corresponding number of parameters
Only warn once if the model information saved in the worksheet is inconsistent
Update compiler used for back-end to Visual C++ 2019

MLwiN 3.03


Correct display of MCMC progress displayed by the front-end
Fix loading MCMC state where the maximum number of levels is different from that in the worksheet
Fix crash when saving model results for an MCMC model where the chain has fewer than 1000 values
Use column number instead of names when generating commands to perform paste, as the names could get out of sync
Fix potential crash when pasting data
Fix potential crash when loading MCMC data where an offset has been defined but does not point to a valid column
Check explanatory variable number is valid when converting model from previous version
Avoid potential crash when saving factor models
Fix potential crash when accessing the model hierarchy information
Display feedback messages when importing data from external data formats only after at least a second has passed
Fix for importing data where the destination columns are not continuous and/or do not start at the beginning of the worksheet
Fix crash in customised prediction screen if the current number of levels is different from that of the stored prediction
Avoid error where the software would try to write a negative number of spaces when printing the column name
Check that graph text entry exists before attempting to clear it
When saving with predefined column name in customised predictions reset any column names that already have that name assigned
Avoid crash if the maximum number of levels is used and a fixed-part parameter is clicked on in the predictions window
Fix incorrectly generated command for auxiliary variables in the imputation specification window
Correct coverage intervals display when loading the customised prediction window
Update the displayed row count after editing data via the data window
Reset "inverse failed" flag before it is used in the SIMU command
Correct bug preventing lowest level variances being removed when changing a multivariate response from Normal.
Fix loading MCMC state from a worksheet where orthogonal or parameter expansion are turned on.
Fix "cons" being made random at level-1 for non-normal models when using simple notation
Fix error in case where the number of selected columns change while the data window is being updated
Check that all column lengths are equal when running the GMUL command
Correct format string when saving files in Stata format
Remove use of temporarily file when saving compressed versions of worksheets
Correctly determine whether a file exists or not when setting PRE/POST/etc files
Improve detection of numeric arguments in commands
Correct potential errors if a "bcons" variable exists (e.g. in a discrete model) and this is not the first explanatory variable
Correctly handle column names when generated the command in the 3d graphs window
Add support for calculating the VIF statistic for stored models
Remove debugging line that was accidently left in which printed the likelihood every time it was calculated
Correct multinomial logit window to use the ticked rather than selected variables when determining which to include in the model
Don't check if the PRE/POST files exist if they aren't set to be used
Ensure that the back-end is kept up to date when modifying the specification in the predictions window
Correct a temporary column not being deleted for some models estimated via PQL, which was resulting in the worksheet becoming eventually full
Remove the requirement to specify a maximum number of explanatory or random part variables
Keep the "manage stored models" window up to date as models are added/removed
Add residual graph for all variables by a particular diagnostic
Fix crash if a non-number was entered in the "goto box" in the data window
Correct the maximum orthogonal polynomial degree allowed
Fix customised prediction window to once more display the current link function for discrete models
Perform additional checks when the 3d graph command are run
Fix potential crash in the predictions window if the number of levels used is equal to the maximum set
Display "not available" in model comparison tables if a requested value was not stored in the worksheet due to the model being saved in a previous version of the software
Hide level-1 from the selection in the residuals window for discrete models estimated with MCMC
Prevent X-variables window from issuing a redundant ADDT command
Fixed potential crash if attempting to plot graph using columns of different lengths
Improved behaviour when removing separate/common coefficients.
Correctly remove temporary columns created by data manipulation windows
Keep list of columns more consistent across windows when making changes to the data
Fix titles in trajectories window potentially being draw too small if the window is partially covered
Fix error when using the "use columns as source" option in the tail areas window
Fix "averages and correlations" window to generate correct command for correlation when weights column is turned on
Ensure CAR options are kept consistent in the cross-classification window when related options are changed
Improve synchronisation between windows when data is changed
Various internal restructuring and fixes for compiler warnings

MLwiN 3.02


Fixed crash where the textual representation of numbers exceeded 50 characters
Reduced memory usage for temporary matrices
Add initial support for Stata 119 format
Avoid crash by not not allowing more than 65535 variables to be displayed in the names window
Improve opening times of the names window when viewing a subset of variables
Fix incorrect output columns when using the XSS command
Fix bug in the DISCard command introduced in version 2.27
Fix saving/loading worksheets where a negative binomial model has been fitted with MCMC
Recalcute missing indicator if the response variable is changed (bug introduced in 3.01)
Correct prediction window to allow fixed part prediction in case where all fixed parameters have an associated random part parameter
Avoid crash if length of variable name plotted on the x-axis exceeds 47 characters
Prevent exceed macro editor refreshing when pasting text
Fix potential crash when pasting data
Prevent small (co)variance parameter values from causing the MCMC state to be incorrectly loaded from the worksheet
Correct some errors in the customised prediction window display
Ensure column names are quoted when generated commands in the paste window
Check that a group column has been selected before attempting to run the command in the Take window
Correct the output type check for the SJOIN command
Allow MERGE command to work if IDs are not sorted and there any keys that do not have matches
Improve checks for valid string variable names in commands
Change default so that small residual values are not replaced with missing code (except within multinomial model estimation)
Fix command parameters handling of command parameters in OBEY command
Correct range information for units containing missing data
Add column length check in FXVA command
Allow non-integer bar widths for histograms
Correctly recalculate missing indicator after WEIG and OFFS command (bug introduced in 3.01)
Change symmetric times rectangular matrix multiplication function
Improve missing value handling in MULS and SUBS commands
Improve matrix type checking
Correct PREG command generated to calculate coverage intervals
Avoid crash if printf formatting characters appear in input to SAY command or error messages
Modify layout of range based continuous variable definition in customised predictions to make it clearer
Abort the currently running macro if an error is reported and it is paused
Correct highlighting of relevant line when reporting macro errors
Warn if macro is running when a macro editor windows is closed
Stop any running macros when the software is closed
Add checks to the tabulate window to prevent a crash if no inputs are selected
Avoid copying empty text via the "Copy as Table" button in the output window.
Fix off-by-one error in graph text consistency check when loading worksheets.
Avoid crash if variable or response types are not entered in the imputation specification window
Attempt to use "." as the decimal separator throughout the software
Refresh windows after running commands via command window
Update shapelib to version 1.4.1
Update BLAS/LAPACK to version 3.8.0
Update SPSS I/O library to version 25.

MLwiN 3.01


Fix bug where the window was closed prematurely if the user clicked "include all" when adding a term to the model
Fix a crash that occurs when the number of parameters in the model was close to the current limit
Fix logic error when storing MCMC models if the model fit had not yet been started
Increase default maximum number of model parameters allowed when the software is first started to 500
Match offered variables in customised prediction plot to outputs from prediction, instead of based on column name
Fix synchronisation of columns names when customised prediction is run
Improve keyboard selection and autocompletion in column selection drop-down boxes
Allow custom bar widths to be entered when creating histograms
Fix display of current MCMC iteration when running a model via macros
Correctly recreate the necessary structures to continue running models with orthogonal parameterization when a worksheet is loaded
Improve resizing behaviour of various windows
Add option to plot coverage intervals in customised prediction plots
Fix grid visibility in the variance function window
Add MLDA command to allow creation of a column containing the deviation from a group average
Fix extra parameters being removed when deleting model terms
Fix removing common coefficients to not remove similar separate coefficients at the same time
Avoid creating an extra column for the power of one term in polynomials
Fix crash if removing parameters with the NEXP command
Reduce unnecessary recalculations of the missing value indicator column
Correct calculation of level subscripts in the equations window to take into account missing values
Fix error when removing values or centiles in the customised predictions window
Open new windows on the current screen in multiple-monitor setups
Resize graph titles in the trajectories window to fit into the available space
Fix potential crash if a column is renamed after the response variable windows has been closed
Add option for automatically filling in range options in customised predictions window
Changed coverage interval variable labelling to be more consistent between customised predictions specification and plot windows
Improve the speed when opening hierarchy window by only autosizing the grid after it has been filled
Base available columns in customised prediction plots on the columns associated with the original prediction, rather than column names
Correct submatrix vector-multiply when there is only one row
Display macro editor within main window when it is opened
Display model comparison window within main window when it is opened
Changed the default value for MISR from one to zero for discrete models (excluding multinomial).
Check whether common coefficients have been specified when using MCMC estimation
Check that the model type specified in the MCMC command matches the currently set up model
Check the denominator is valid when running probit models with Gibbs estimation
Speed up changes to the columns displayed in the names window
Add missing line of prior for negative-binomial models
Always use "." as the decimal separator when taking numeric inputs
Fix crash if negative-binomial responses is chosen for multiple-membership models
Allow setting an initial value for negative-binomial over dispersion parameter via the equation window
Only offer columns with data when adding/removing variables via the estimates window
Increase default window size for the data window
Automatically resize columns in model comparison window when it is opened
Fix selecting the column via typing for the prediction, variance and graph highlight windows
Clarify that the values generated by the tail areas window are the upper tail
Fix columns being reversed after an undo operation from data manipulation windows
Update the back-end as the prediction window is filled in to prevent it been reset in certain cases
Use alpha instead of v for the over dispersion parameter in negative-binomial models
Fix crash when setting up a model where cross-classification is turned on an no level-1 has been specified
Fix error (introduced in version 2.33) in the DIC calculation for binary probit models using Gibbs sampling
Fix incorrect likelihood displayed during burn-in period for binary probit models using Gibbs sampling
Add commands to calculate factorial, logfactorial, normal-pdf, poisson-pdf and random draws from a negative-binomial distribution
Fix error in generated command for "distributed random numbers"
Add option for negative-binomial to "generated random numbers" window
Update compiler used for back-end to Visual C++ 2017. Note, the standard random distribution generators have changed in this version, so results may differ. If you need consistent results between versions set RNGV to zero.

MLwiN 3.00


New Windows GUI built on the .Net framework
Worksheet columns are now stored in double precision
A 64-bit GUI version of the software is now available
Allow multiple graph windows to be open at once
Allow multiple MCMC diagnostic windows to be open at once
Increase maximum value accepted by EXPO function
Fix display of confidence/credible intervals for model comparison window
Remove display of confidence intervals for random part variables in model comparison window when (R)IGLS estimation is used
Speed up sorting when the data is already in the desired order
Add row for z-ratio to contrasts window
Allow XSS command to be recognised again
Allow loading worksheets where the uncompressed size of the worksheet is great than can be stored in 32-bits
Change "z-score" label in model comparison window to "z-ratio"
Fix bug where it was not possible to select maximum levels minus one as the desired number of levels
Always display z-ratio and p-values to three decimal places in the intervals and tests window
Rename the MISS calculate function to NMIS to avoid conflicts
Correct MCMC iteration display when thinning is used
Fix "execute selection" button in the macro editor to work as expected
Add option to the RTYPe command for computing unadjusted comparative variances
Add command corresponding to the "subscripts as names" selection box
Remove option for using worksheet space to store temporary matrices
Correct missing values output when saving Stata dta files as double precision
Change the default random number generator from Wichmann-Hill to Mersenne Twister
Add window for specifying 3D graphs
Fix crash when attempting to fit a multiple-membership model with multivariate models
Remove option to set the worksheet size as this is now redundant
Fix bug where the last value of the response variable for ordered multinomial models was incorrect when exported to BUGS
Add menus for saving WinBUGS/OpenBUGS script files
Set default version of BUGS files exported to 1.4
Update BUGS interface to allow calling WinBUGS/OpenBUGS directly from MLwiN
Fix crash if a command shorter than four characters is issued
Increase maximum number of displayed iterations in the trajectories window to 50000
Update version of BLAS/LAPACK used to version 3.7.0
Update SPSS I/O library to version corresponding to SPSS 24
Ensure that command generated to change dataset label quotes the new label
Improve commands generated through the GUI
When importing ASCII data only flag up integer values that are too long to be used as IDs
Fix swap command to allow turning off polynomial status for variables
Store the state of the new random number generator when saving the worksheet
All rows to be pasted can now be previewed, rather than just the first 10, via the Edit->Paste Menu
Updated included zlib library to version 1.2.11
Updated included shapelib library to version 1.4.0
Updated included SPSS I/O library to version 24
Fix default selected categories for ordered multinomial in customised predictions screen
Add facility to set up some basic structures to the "intervals and tests" window
Add message to "intervals and tests" window to indicate that z-ratios and p-values assume normality
Fix crash in ASSI command if one column is specified and only text data is provided
Fix pasting a single text variable via the names window
Add window for viewing current box values
Add window for viewing current string values
Add option for MLREcode to multilevel data manipulations window
Add "clear display" button to customised graphs window
Fix pairwise residual plots with subset of parameters
Update labels in the predictions window to attempt to make them clearer
Swap drop-down locations for plus and minus error bars
Scale down graph margin titles when the text is too wide to fit
Modify column display from PRINT command to allow it to work better with the "copy as table" functionality
Display status messages during model storage
Remove limit of twelve graphs when initially opening the trajectories window
Add unit information to the equation window
Save MCMC settings to the worksheet, even if the model estimation has not yet been started
Allow MCMC diagnostics to also be triggered by clicking the graph title
RNGV with no parameters will now report the version currently in use
Add DTOC command to allow creating a categorical variable from unique values of a continuous variable, using the previous values as labels
Fix ADDM command to not add the created indicator columns into the fixed part of the model
Allow more control over whether to display variances and/or correlations in model comparisons
Update "add term" window to better match the capabilities of the corresponding command
Add window to allow specification of default graph export options for newly drawn graphs

MLwiN 2.36


Reset column colour in the names window if it becomes unmarked
Fix use of MQL2 in mixed response models
Fix crash if hierarchical centring is turned on and one of the X variables has a zero at the end
Fix crash if elements of the prior matrix are greater than 32768
Avoid some unnecessary calculations when working out coverage intervals in customised predictions (can avoid some errors)
Correct column number check when loading very old worksheet versions.
Mark system columns to prevent accidental overwriting
Fix crash in variance function for discrete models where explanatory variables are added prior to changing the response type
Correct positioning of pop-up dialogue boxes in the equations window
Improve output when running MCMC models via the scripting version
Fix crash when attempting to use the TAN function in the CALC command
Add optional display of p-values, z-scores and confidence intervals in the model comparison window
Provide finer control over which values are displayed in the model comparison window (see MMOD command)
Update ESS calculation used for model comparisons
Keep bayesian-p values for factor loadings in stored models in the worksheet when saving
Add more functions to the CALC command
Add option for t-distribution to the "Tail Areas" window
Use the global number formatting options in TABUlate command
Add iteration information to model comparison table
Remove newline and carriage returns when trimming strings
Add command for setting location of missing indicator columns
Remember used burnin value after model has run
Store actual used burnin and thinning values in model comparisons
Store output column location in the worksheet
Use length of deviance column in DIC calculation
Check a response has been specified before checking ID columns
Avoid crash when reading the data label from SAS transport files
Improve synchronisation of graph, X, and Y variable settings with back-end
Fix potential text corruption when sending link names
Provide more customisation in the "Manage Stored Models" window
Avoid crash when pasting if the clipboard does not contain text
Fetch log-formulation setting from the backend to ensure that it remains consistent
Store (R)IGLS and linearisation method in model comparisons
Fix drawing ^ symbol on parameter names in the variance function window
Add beta 64-bit version of MLwiN

MLwiN 2.35


Correct bug that was causing models with hierachical centring to give incorrect results (introduced in 2.33)
Fix crash if multivariate MH was chosen as the MCMC method for models with hierarchical centring
Fix crash when reading the denominator if there is missing data (introduced in 2.33)

MLwiN 2.34


Provide warning if the clipboard is inaccessible, rather than crash
Fix crash when loading multinomial MCMC models
Correct MCMC estimation when whole records are missing (bug introduced in version 2.33)
Correctly synchronize model structures when using the FPAR command
Add option to choose whether to apply polynomial or power first if both are specified for a variable

MLwiN 2.33


Recognise that model has changed after NEXP command
Improve compatibility with old macros by adding a dummy WAIT command
Allow variables added with SETX and ADDM to be removed again later
Add check that the first argument of various toggling commands is numeric
Fix display of higher level priors for multivariate probit models in MCMC
Fix crash when calculating weights when the data has missing values
Various MCMC speedups
Fix crash when storing models with elements of the covariance matrix removed
Add button to select all categories to customised prediction window
Keep command, output and macros windows if the worksheet is reinitialised
Make shapelib dependency optional
Fix some bugs that caused MLwiN to sometimes crash when loading MCMC information
Fix crash if error bar length did not match other data being plotted
Correct DIC calculation for binary-probit models with Gibbs
Add initial support for negative-binomial models with MCMC
Fix reading variable names for imputed data
Add p-values to "intervals and tests" output
Add initial support for reading Stata 14 .dta files

MLwiN 2.32


Make graph point identification more consistent for multiple membership models
Fix display of residual plots when a subset is selected
Allow informative priors to be specified correctly for one-level models
Take thinning into account when pre-allocating space to hold MCMC chains
Display Bayesian-p value for factor loadings in model comparison table
Avoid picking up constraints columns when allocating columns for a new group
Check for size zero when allocating matrices
Avoid crashing when calculating percentiles at zero or one hundred percent
Prevent crash when clearing a partially set up MCMC model
Add buttons for deciles and quantiles in the customised prediction set-up
Add command to turn off saving MCMC chains, or redirect them to a file instead
Allow calculating standardised residals to be optional
Update residuals window to reflect the estimation method used
Avoid crash if loading a worksheet saved in 2.31 that had historical trellis-graph information
Check all input columns have the same length when running the TABUlate command
Fix calculation of the standard deviation for group and grand totals in tabulations
Fix potential crash in (R)IGLS if whole higher-level units were missing
Fix crash in MCMC factor models when units were missing
Correct miscalculation of missing index for MCMC if whole block were missing
Fix loading imputed data from Realcom-Impute
Fix potential crash when resizing the customised graph window
Correct potential crash when saving Stata/SAS data files in January
Check for non-finite values when generated MCMC proposal distributions
Fix bug when resizing C1096/C1097 in the ADDM command
Provide error message if ID columns contain missing values when calling WTCOl, rather than failing silently
Fix crash when calculating predictions if the model had not recently been run with (R)IGLS
Allow setting model starting values via the equations window
Increase maximum worksheet values selectable via the GUI
Display zero in equations window for missing estimates in C1096-C1099
Fix reversing the columns when undoing a data manipulation operation
Switched to the POLE library ( to allow cross-platform saving/loading of Minitab files
Updated engine to allow building under Linux/Mac OS X
Updated screenshots in manuals

MLwiN 2.31


Prevented group labels overlapping with the last point
Turn off legend for customized prediction graphs with no grouping
Turn off graph margin labels for customised prediction graphs with no trellising
Removed non-functional old command references
Fixed position of graph series labels when error bars have been added
Allow variable number of variance function rows to be specified
Fixed potential matrix overwrite when calculating residuals
Allow temporary matrices to increase in size if necessary
Improve check for IDs in multivariate multiple membership models
Fixed occasional crash if removing several variables from the model at once (for example categorical dummies)
Increase precision in various calculations to double
Fixed reading MCMC information from worksheets saved in versions prior to version 2.26
Attempt to convert multivariate structures when loading old data (for example from MLwiN v1)
Save correct response information when saving to old worksheet formats
Improve saving/loading older worksheet versions
Don't write loop contents to temporary files while running macros
Don't close open macro editor windows when loading data
Allow fixed-width data input to contain spaces again
Fix the RPAT command to work if there is only one response
Fix PUPD to correctly store the previous estimates
Fix potential crash in RAND command
Once again allow graph symbol size to be set
Allow execution of selected lines in the macro editor
Label the x-axis with the stored iteration number in the trajectories window
Increase the maximum number of error bars
Add "rotate" option for graph symbols
Ensure sample data is consistently labelled
Documentation updated

MLwiN 2.30


Add standard error column to variance function window
Fixed crash in "set graph highlight" window if any of the defined colours had alpha information
Fixed crash in multivariate MCMC models with some variance starting values
Fixed misalignment in stored model results table if fixed part parameters are added in later models

MLwiN 2.29


Correctly handle reading missing data codes for Stata versions prior to 8
Fixed crash if more residual storage columns were needed than the maximum number of variables allowed in the model
Fixed write errors when writing BUGS code version of model
Fixed crash in SETX command
Corrected calculation of inverse normal (may slightly affect Raftery-Lewis and Brooks-Draper diagnostics)
Fixed confusing label in customised predictions plot
Fixed crash when reducing the number of levels defined in a model
Fixed off-by-one error in multiple-membership models
Added check that unit IDs are not duplicated within rows in multiple membership models
Added Bayesian-p values and correlations to stored model results
Fixed crash in the SORT command if the number of columns chosen to sort was greater than half the total columns in the worksheet
The centring flag is now toggled off again after adding variables via the equations window, this was previously causing variables added via other methods to have incorrect centring applied
Attempting to plot empty columns should no longer cause MLwiN to crash
Fixed an error in the calculation of fixed part robust standard errors when the number of levels in the model is greater than one
CAR models can now have random effects mean centred, which allows an intercept to be included in the model
Fix crash if standardised weights are defined at more than one higher level
Allow raw weights to be specified without standardised weights, to match the online help
Ignore Stata value labels with empty column name to work around issue with the R foreign package
Added command (FXMM) to automatically check and fix duplicate column IDs in a row for multiple membership models
Fixed crash if the data had certain patterns of missing
Added command for specifying uniform priors in MCMC
Changed ASCII file input to only give an accuracy message for integer variables

MLwiN 2.28


Updated compiler to Visual C++ 2010
Fixed crash when requesting level 2 residuals for a multivariate cross-classified MCMC model
Fixed crash in BDIC command if the deviance has be saved somewhere other than c1091
Allow graph colours to be defined as RGB values
Fixed calculation of robust standard errors in 1 level models
Correct bug where DIAG calc function was generated a column that was too long
Correct case where matrix dimensions could get out of sync with the column length
Display v parameter in equations window for negative-binomial models
Fix import/export dialog labels
Include SETD parameters in RPAR command output
Display names window even if there is a prediction grid loading error
Fixed crash in split record dialogue box (when getting unique column values)
Fixed crash when running a saved multivariate MCMC model due to hierarchy information not being available
Fixed incorrect column overwrite in VMAT, ZMAT, YRES, YMAT and XMAT commands
Fixed incorrect column overwrite in MKBL command
Ensure matrix version of columns remains consistent with total length
Pad with missing values if exporting to SPSS and the columns aren't all the same length
Fixed crash when reading Stata files that report categories, but the number is zero
Fixed crash in MLBOx when a unit only contained one value (all quantiles for the unit will now be set to this value)
Improve space check when saving undo information
Fixed crash in PUPD command (used in bootstrap estimation)
Fixed crash in FDIn command
Add initial support for reading Stata 13 format data files
Fixed incorrect number of units reported in multiple membership models if a zero was included in the first ID column

MLwiN 2.27


Improved X axis labelling for categorical variables
Remember robust standard error options
Fix crash when using DINP in mlnscript
Fix second form of MRAN
Fix bug in ascii file input where the choice to make a variable categorical was not always correctly applied
Not selecting any columns when exporting should now save all non-empty columns, rather than crashing
Memory for data is now allocated dynamically. This should make it no longer necessary to set a worksheet size. This will also allow more memory to be used as it no longer has to be contiguous
A label can be be associated with the dataset
Display error is hierarchical centring is defined at an invalid level
The colour palette used for graphing can now be modified
Added command for storing residuals when performing imputations
Fixed potentially incorrect hierarchy information if the predictions window is open when changing a model
Improved speed when running binomial proportion models
When reading starting residuals for MCMC replace missing values with zero instead of skipping them
Changed copy shortcuts (Control-C now does a standard copy and Control-G takes a screenshot of the current window)
Introduced MLOGit command for unordered multinomial logit models

MLwiN 2.26


Fixed crash when running a one level model for further MCMC iterations after loading a worksheet where the estimation had already been started
Fixed crash when changing the level identifiers when the cross-classified flag is turned on
Avoid possible file name conflict generating temporary files from more than one instance of MLwiN
Fixed linearisation method changing from 2nd order PQL to 2nd order MQL is the nonlinear setting screen is opened
Fixed bug where settings could be read incorrectly after upgrading Windows
Added a command line option (/reset) to clear saved settings.
Fixed incorrect predictions when using cross-classified MCMC models
Fixed incorrect graph highlighting when using cross-classified MCMC models
Fixed potentially incorrect number of level one units reported for cross-classified models with no missing data
Fixed incorrect copying of random part variance matrix if SETE is called with more than one element at a time (for example when setting to diagonal)
Fixed potential data corruption if the available worksheet space gets too low during a CALC command
Fixed the column to the left of the constraints column being deleted when clearing a model
Fixed PREG command to allow selecting the response and setting coverage intervals
Fixed crash after running OLSE command if not all the fixed effects were chosen
Fixed off-by-one error in DUMM command
Fixed off-by-one error in SETX command
Changed quantile method in MLBO command to be more consistent
Fixed label display when first loading the tail areas window
Changed default memory allocation to not use the worksheet space
Fixed crash when saving a WinBUGS model when hierarchical centring is turned on
Fixed error bars so that they can be specified independently
Fixed some equation window subscript display issues
Fixed display issue when first opening the tail areas window
Fixed occasionally wrong sign when using the DET function in the CALC command
Increased the intermediate precision of the PREDict command
Changed graph component. This should provide a more reliable graphing experience. This has been set up to behave as closely as possible to the old version, however a few features are no longer available (for example variable size points)
Switched to blas/lapack for many matrix operations
Fixed potential data corruption when saving factor chains
Fixed crash if attempting to save an empty worksheet as a Stata dataset
Don't hide values of zero on MCMC diagnostic and trajectory plots
Fixed possible crash when reducing the number of levels in a model
Fixed possible corruption if factors are set up before any models are run
Fixed skipping some data when reading in BUGS coda files
Corrected MCMC multiple membership error messages

MLwiN 2.25


Improved reading missing data in Stata versions prior to 8
Fixed crash in equation window where matrices are present at low zoom settings
Allow zero as a valid cross-classification ID for MCMC estimation
Correct list of reserved variable names in Stata
Fixed incorrect heading and error if using TABS with categorical variables
Fixed indicator column generation and data corruption in RECS command
Fixed data corruption and incorrect results in MLBOx
Fixed various errors in generated BUGS output
Fixed updating priors in the equations window when the estimation method is changed via a command
Fixed missing estimates when using simple notation and random intercept isn't switched on
Improved MCMC residual starting values when residuals aren't provided (for example cross-classified models)
Fixed crash in MCMC when using a multiple-membership model where there are more classification units level 1 units
Fixed crash when exporting data if the names window is open
Changed tabulate to not print rows/columns where there are no values
Fixed crash when changing notation settings with the data window open

MLwiN 2.24


Fixed a potential crash if using block updating in MCMC
Show cases in use regardless of model type
Improve warning if rounding occurs when importing data
Provide warning if a column used in a customised prediction is going to be overwritten
Save MCMC state if estimation mode is set to MCMC and MCMC macro commands are used
Store factor information in model comparisions if appropriate
Differentiate between levels with the same name in a single model for model comparisons
Fixed a bug in the example MH algorithm provided in the manual
Enable reading Stata 12 data sets
Add command to allow selection of an alternative random number generator
Send correct MCMC command if the response type is changed via a command
No longer provide starting residuals from hierarchical models to MCMC when running cross-classified model
Fix MLLAg for data where blocks start with missing values
Fix expanded WinBUGS output where no residuals are specified
Fix crash when plotting a trellis graph, based on one of row or column codes, where there were more than five unique codes
Fix crash when saving/loading models where measurement error is defined
Fix intervals and tests window in the case where extra random variation is specified
Fix crash when turning off exclusion in the hierarchy viewer
Give error message if starting residuals for MCMC are wrong length
Fixed rank2.txt macro to use 2.5% quantiles
Don't truncate numeric values passed to SJOIn
Mark macro as modified if on delete or cut
Fix incorrect "Line too long" message when out of worksheet space
Fix crash if maximum number of explanatory variables is set lower than the maximum number of levels
Fix crash if the maximum number of levels is set lower than three
Store and display pD for model comparisons
Allow variables with the category "c" to be removed from a model via the interface
Don't show extended MCMC information by default when doing model comparison
Fix potential crash when displaying prevously saved graphs where a data set label is defined

MLwiN 2.23


Fixed TOLE command so that it no longer sets MAXI to the same value
Fixed crash in SURV command if it referenced the first column of data
Fixed crash when making attempting to make an empty column categorical
Added commands to import/export data into a worksheet
Improved efficiency of UNVEctorise command
The hierarchy viewer will no longer display as cross-classified if the estimation mode is switched back from MCMC
Fixed SIMU crash if no parameters are given
Fixed UNVE crash if no parameters are given
Improved efficiency of COMBine command
Fixed crash in residuals screen if no model has been set up
Fixed crash in customised predictions with multinomial/multivariate models
Fixed MVIE to handle missing values
Fixed CORO command
Fixed DVAR command
It is now possible to set full/diagonal matrix for the response covariance matrix by clicking "cov"
Added option in the "responses" window to set whether responses added to the respose covariance matrix are entered as full or diagonal matrices
Fixed crash when invalid or empty values were entered in the factor setup screen
Fixed crash in the residuals window when no model was set up
Quotes in command parameters must now match
Fixed incorrect number of residuals in multiple membership models where not all the possible IDs appeared in the first ID column
Added initial support for SAS transport files
Fixed crash in DAMI command if no missing data had been imputed

MLwiN 2.22


Fix crash if the response is typed in rather than selected
Allow MLwiN to still start up with a default worksheet size if there isn't enough memory to provide the requested size
Don't set a reference category in the case where the variable only contains one category
Fix crash if you attempt to click a point on a histogram to identify it
Correctly calculate interactions involving centred terms
Remove incorrect warning in customised predictions where a group centred variable had previously been in the model, but is now removed
Fix constraints being cleared when running an imputation
Fix a crash in VECTorise if an invalid output column is specified
Fix possible crash in the WTCOlumn command

MLwiN 2.21


Fixed offset display
Fixed crash when saving worksheets containing an MCMC run that had been loaded from a previous version
Fixed display error in the NonLinear dialogue box
MCMC refresh rate is now remembered and saved in the worksheet
Graph autosorting is now saved in the worksheet
Iteration pause setting is now saved in the worksheet
No longer remove categories from last column pasted in
Fixed possible data corruption when using the PUPN and PUPD commands and the lengths of 1096..1099 do not match the input values
Fixed crash when opening or creating a macro and the current folder is set to a UNC path
Fixed constraints being ignored on certain computer configurations
Fixed crash in the SETX command
Fixed crash in the XOMIt command

MLwiN 2.20


Fixed bug in MOVE command with non-default column names
Fixed macros not resuming if equation settings changed while a macro is paused
Variables and levels in model comparisons are now sorted based on the order of models given to the MSTO command
MCMC seed menu option now applies to macros too
Fixed occasional crash when an estimate went to zero
FTESt and RTESt commands now use the MLwiN numeric precision setting
MCOM now makes use of it's parameters again
Improved pasting model comparison tables into packages such as Word
Customised predictions no longer crash if the number of predicted cases is greater than the length of the data
A warning is now given if a customised prediction is made on a variable that is centred around a group mean
Fixed crash that occurred if you attempted to read in more than one text data file via READ (This also fixes a crash in the ISTA command)

MLwiN 2.19


Give a warning rather than an error if data contains missing values for multinomial models
Fix crash if plotting a graph using a worksheet from a previous MLwiN version
Fixed problem with loading category labels from SPSS data files
Fixed problem with loading text columns from Stata data files
Fixed problem with pasting columns containing text into the worksheet
Fixed a potential crash when changing the equation screen layout via commands in a macro
Including/Excluding points from the model via the graphs options screen should now work for models with more than 2 levels
The last point in the data set should now be correctly identified if selected, even after it has been excluded from the model
Fixed crash when trying to display category labels longer than 254 characters
Attempting a customised prediction on a model containing orthogonal polynomials no longer causes a crash

MLwiN 2.18


Allowed copy/paste of categories between columns
Fixed potential problem when adding/removing categories from a column
Fixed error in macros for discrete negative binomial models
Fixed LOAD/SAVE problems with some file or directory names
Fixed crash with MOVE command if groups are defined
Fixed forcing PRE and POST on when loading a worksheet
Added an error message if the user asks for a constraint but then does not specify it
Fixed a problem in the BVAR macro that prevented negative binomial models from running

MLwiN 2.17


Please note that there is a bug in this release: The problem is that certain file names are being misinterpreted as if they are command arguments. Examples of file names where this happens are ones containing a space followed by a number, a "C", "G", "B" or "K". When this happens MLwiN is unable to open or save the file, giving a "Wrong Params" error. The complete file name including the path could be misinterpreted.

The workaround is to either rename and/or move the file so that it does not match the above criteria, or to open the command interface and click the most recent line starting with "LOAD" or "STOR". The user must then replace the "LOAD" or "STOR" command with one appropriate for the type of worksheet and press enter to run them command. The appropriate replacements are as follows:

MLwiN (compressed) ZRET ZSAV

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. This bug will be fixed in the next release.

New Features and Bug Fixes:

GCLEar <N> no longer removes text labels from all graphs
Sandwich estimators are now used for weights set up by the GUI
MCMC options now correctly displays the currently selected level
The "Copy" button in the "customised predictions" window is now always visible when viewing the prediction grid
Renaming stored models is now possible
The following screens no longer incorrectly execute previous commands: Listwise, Merge, Join, Sort
Storing MCMC model results now saves more information
Allow copying results from the "variance" window
Ordered Multinomial models in MCMC only previously worked if the last category e.g. A in alevchem example was chosen as reference category - now works in both directions
Fixed crashes after using COMB and UCOM commands

MLwiN 2.16


Ignore black lines when reading text data
Preserve whether a term is in the fixed part when loading old worksheets
Fix bug where clearing the graph "y title" actually cleared the "x title"
Fix DESC command to correctly allow setting more than one column description at a time
Improved the consistency of equation colouring
Allow ADDTerm to re-add terms that have been removed from the equation by FPARt
WIPE is now better at clearing worksheet state

MLwiN 2.15


Fixed potential error when reading worksheets containing column descriptions
Re-enabled "standardised weights" option in the weights window
Fixed potential crash when changing the equation scale

MLwiN 2.14


Fixed reading in Stata files after there was already data in the worksheet
Fixed issue parsing unquoted single parameters
Take missing values into account for centiles and nested means in customised predictions
Remember graph row and column codes when retrieving worksheets
Fixed a crash when loading a worksheet containing column descriptions where the number of columns is different to the number saved in the worksheet
Fix "recode by value" to work on columns after empty columns in the data

MLwiN 2.13


Running multivariate discrete response models from a macro gave different results to running from the GUI when binomial (as opposed to extra-binomial) variation was specified for any response(s) other than the last response. This was because when these models were run from a macro, only the last random parameter was constrained, and so extra-binomial variation would be used for all but the last response regardless of the user's specification. Thus if the user wanted to fit, say, a trivariate binomial response model with all responses having binomial variation, then if the user ran the model from a macro the first two responses would fit extra binomial variation and the third response would estimate binomial variation. If the user instead used the user interface all three responses would be fit with binomial variation as required.

MCMC methodology features new in MLwiN 2.13 ( Further details…)

  • parameter expansion
  • hierarchical centring
  • orthogonal parameterisations
  • structured MCMC
  • structured MVN

Other changes:

Fixed potential crash running multivariate models from a macro
Fixed to remember "None" reference category in modify term
Fixed to truncate labels that exceed Stata limits, rather than crashing
Fixed to save variable with a default name, rather than skip them when the name is invalid in SPSS
Fixed copy when the number of columns to be copied is two fewer than the number of rows
Fixed incorrect results from running multivariate discrete models from macros
Fixed potential crash loading a worksheet containing a model run in MCMC
Fixed Crash when running single level models from macros, where a column of 1s of the same length as the response variable and called 'cons' is not present in the worksheet

MLwiN 2.12


Fixed "highlight styles" window to work again
Fixed worksheet space leak when columns were erased in the opposite order in which they are created
Fixed model timing functionality in the GUI
Fixed potential crash when clearing the worksheet
Fixed potential data corruption when running a model through macros
Fixed crash on startup if the default worksheet size is set too high
Problem with with running models from macro files This bug effects version 2.10 beta 6-11 and release versions 2.10 and 2.11

MLwiN 2.11


Removed offset information when clearing the model
Fixed ISTA to not only use the first imputed data set
Increased precision of data exported by ISAV
Fixed crash in customised predictions when differences are selected in a multivariate model
Fixed SWAP to maintain whether a term is in the fixed part when swapping a term with itself
Fixed SWAP command to maintain the reference category when swapping a term with itself
Information from the EXCL command is now saved in the worksheet
Fixed potential crash in the MRAN command
Fixed potential error in the display of number of cases when loading one worksheet over another
Fixed potential crash after loading a worksheet containing MCMC information
Fixed potential crash when copying a prediction grid where the specification was incomplete
Fixed incorrect command generated when weights is ticked in averages and corellations
Fixed buffer overflow when copying columns with names greater than 19 characters

MLwiN 2.10


Fixed potential problem when pasting in extreme values
Fixed crash in customised predictions where terms had been removed from the model

MLwiN 2.10 Beta 10


Fixed problem where sometimes variables could not be removed from the model
Fixed labelling in customised predictions window
Allow specifying offset in negative binomial models
Fixed crash when removing offsets
Fixed crash when category name clashed with a column name
Fixed crash when the last model term was not in the fixed part
Fixed incorrect likelihood calculation
Increased precision in some calculations
Fixed crash in orthogonal polynomial
Fixed crash when importing data back from BUGS
Fixed column only trellis graphs not displaying
Fixed crash when specifying coverage interval in customised predictions

MLwiN 2.10 Beta 9


Allow UNIQ command to work if the input and output columns are the same
Fixed crash in cross classifications window if the number of classifications was left empty
Allow copying images of graphs again
Fixed graph scaling issues when switching from a categorical to continuous x axis
Fixed crash if the MLwiN window was resized to be too small

MLwiN 2.10 Beta 8

released 14-Oct-08

Allow Monitoring Chain Length of zero in MCMC
Customised predictions can now be properly cleared from a previously saved worksheet
Fixed crash when minimising the model comparison window
Allow UNC pathnames to be used in files
UNIQue command should now give feedback for invalid parameters

MLwiN 2.10 Beta 7

released 11-Sep-08

Fixed memory corruption when the user selects only one of median or mode for a multinomial customised prediction
Fixed bug preventing LOGA and LOGO from opening files
MSTO now records likelihood for normal models estimated in RIGLS

MLwiN 2.10 Beta 6

released 14-Aug-08

Fixed crash on clearing model with only the response specified
Fixed problem loading stored models
Allow custom x-axis graph scale without custom y-axis scale
Fixed crash in MOVE command
Fixed crash when filling customised prediction grid
Fixed a worksheet corruption caused by the EXPL command
Fixed saving worksheets where a previous worksheet has not been loaded
Likelihood is now calculated and stored in the same way in macros as for the GUI
ADDT command changed to use 10000 as base for orthogonal polynomial instead of 1000

MLwiN 2.10 Beta 5

released 21-Apr-08

Fixed crash on clearing a model with prediction window open
Fixed crash on generating a prediction grid with no model
Corrected schgend category name in tutorial dataset
Reset Centring information when loading a worksheet
Speedup when running macros that write a lot of text to the output
Fixed window name not being removed from status bar if the title changed
Fixed crash in cross-classified models containing missing values

MLwiN 2.10 Beta 4

released 11-Apr-08

Fixed Predictions grid display problem
Fixed crash on subsequent formatted text input/output
Fixed crash when attempting to plot greater than 6x6 graphs

MLwiN 2.10 Beta 3

released 9-Apr-08

Fixed a crash caused by running a macro that does not load a worksheet
Fixed a crash when viewing predictions with a mean or median selected
Allow plotting customised predictions where mean is not specified
Increased maximum number of columns involved in data manipulation from 400 to the number of columns in the worksheet
Fixed toggling general notation causing crash
Discrete macros folder now has the correct CHKRES macro
Fixed GBAR command to work correctly

MLwiN 2.10 Beta 2

released 7-Apr-08

Added support for SPSS system missing value
Discrete macros folder now has the correct POST macro

MLwiN 2.10 Beta 1

released 31-Mar-08

MLwiN crashes when editing data. This is caused by the cursor moving to the next line after you finishing editing the data. If there isn't a visible cell to move to the application will crash. Workaround: A temporary solution is to resize/scroll the data window so that there is always a visible cell below that which you are editing.

Attempting to save to a read-only device causes MLwiN to crash

MLwiN crashes when Paste window minimised.
If the user selects Edit > paste and then attempts to minimise the resulting window MLwiN will crash with a runtime error. This is caused by window resizing code being able to be run while there is no window visible to resize.

Incomplete line in input file causes problems.
If the user attempts to import delimited data where some of the rows do not have data or delimiters for every column MLwiN will import fewer than expected rows and place data in the wrong column. While it can be argued that such input files are invalid, unfortunately Microsoft Excel produces such data when the user attempt to paste data containing blanks at the end of the last column.

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