e-Stat news

May 2012

A Beta release version of Stat-JR has been released this month along with three pieces of documentation (Beginners guide, Advanced User's guide and E-book guide). The download link has further details

February 2011

In December 2010 a first alpha version of the Stat-JR software along with an accompanying guide -An Advanced User’s Guide to Stat-JR (alpha release) was distributed to a small group of alpha testers made up predominantly of e-Stat and LEMMA 2 node members.

Following some feedback you can view an updated version of the documentation: An Advanced User's Guide to Stat-JR (alpha release) (PDF, 8.3 mb). The guide shows some screenshots of STAT-JR in it's current incarnation. As this is an alpha release we are trying to keep the number of testers small but if you would like to get involved in testing either this release or later releases please contact us (william.browne@bristol.ac.uk).

We are currently continuing developments and since February have fixed some bugs and created templates to fit multiple membership models and ordered multinomial response models.

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