Undergraduate courses

Studying Classics at the University of Bristol sees students and researchers explore enduring problems that span all of Western culture, from Greek and Roman antiquity through to the present day.

Single honours

  • BA Ancient History

    Ancient History at Bristol gives you the flexibility to combine core units on Greco-Roman culture with more specialised topics.

  • BA Classical Studies

    Our BA Classical Studies offers you the flexibility to follow your own interests in classical civilisation by combining core units on Greco-Roman literature and culture with more specialised units on topics such as ancient literature, philosophy, history, art and archaeology.

  • BA Classics

    Our Classics degree focuses on the study and appreciation of a wide spectrum of Greek and Latin literature.

Joint honours

  • BA English and Classical Studies

    Our Joint Honours English and Classical Studies degree combines investigation of the ancient Greco-Roman world with the study of works from all periods of English literature, many of which reflect or reanimate ancient texts and topics.

Liberal Arts

The department also contributes to the following multidisciplinary courses in Liberal Arts:

Our teaching strengths

We encourage you to gain experience of the many different methods and approaches involved in the study of classics and ancient history today. These approaches are closely based on our own research activities, providing you with the latest critical thought on the subjects being taught. We also give you the opportunity to compare ancient and modern art, literature, politics and popular culture.

Our innovative approach to the teaching of classics and ancient history has earned the following praise from our external examiners, who are leading experts in the subject from elsewhere in the UK:

  • 'This is an excellent department, one of the strongest in the UK, with enthusiastic staff and bright, eager students, who are encouraged to explore the classical world in imaginative ways'.
  • 'Students attain a level of theoretical awareness and analytical skill that I have not seen matched in any institution in which I have worked or examined'.
  • 'The cutting-edge research culture of the department makes for cutting-edge teaching and learning'.

For more on the nature of our degree, see: 

Why study Classics at Bristol?

I thoroughly enjoyed having access to such a broad range of library material to learn more about areas I am interested in. I will always have an interest in the ancient world and the course has provided me with vital skills such as writing, independent research and structuring an argument.

Tom (BA Ancient History, 2013)

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Our students run the busy and friendly Classics and Ancient History Society, organising events and trips which allow members to share and develop their enthusiasm for all things classical.

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