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Profiles of all current academic staff and postgraduate research students in the Classics & Ancient History department.

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Academic staff

Calvert, Ian Lecturer in Classical Reception and English English/Classics literary relations c.1550-c.1830 and the reception of Augustan poetry in the long eighteenth century.
Chidwick, Hannah-Marie Senior Lecturer in Classics and Ancient History Roman history, Latin literature, critical war studies, critical theory (esp. post-structuralist). 
Cole, Richard Lecturer in Digital Classics The history and culture of classical antiquity and how this intersects with new media, esp. video games, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence.
Coo, Lyndsay Senior Lecturer in Ancient Greek Language and Literature

Greek literature; tragedy and satyr play, especially Sophocles; fragments

Costantini, Leonardo Lecturer in Classics

Latin and Greek literature (especially Apuleius, Fronto, Cicero, Vergil, and Lucian) and their transmission, Textual Criticism, Middle Platonism, Ancient Magic.

 Eidinow, Esther Chair in Ancient History    Ancient Greek social and cultural history, esp. religion and magic; myth; historiography (esp. Herodotus and Thucydides); cognitive humanities; history of emotions.
Finglass, Patrick Henry Overton Wills Professor of Greek

Greek literature, especially tragedy and lyric poetry; Greek myth; history of scholarship; textual criticism. 

Hales, Shelley Associate Professor in Art & Visual Culture Ancient (esp. Roman) art, the reception of Roman material culture. 
Jansen, Laura Associate Professor of Classics & Comparative Literature

Greek & Latin language, literature and philosophy; comparative and hybrid literatures; Classics & Absence Studies; classical antiquity in contemporary writing; Archaic Greek and modern poetics.

Knippschild, Silke Senior Lecturer in Ancient History Ancient Near East, Greece, international relations and cross-cultural contacts.
Lampe, Kurt Senior Lecturer in Classics

Mental health in antiquity and today; archetypal and psychoanalytic psychologies; ancient Greek myth, religion, and philosophy; old Norse religion and myth

Liveley, Genevieve Professor of Classics

Narratology, story-telling; ecocriticism; the non-human; futures and futurity; Classics, AI and digital humanities


Mackin Roberts, Ellie Lecturer in Liberal Arts and Ancient History Archaic and Classical Greek Religion (especially Attic), archaeology of religion, Material Studies of Religion, Greek architectural and relief sculpture
Martin, Paul Lecturer in Classics and Liberal Arts

Humour studies; Greek and Roman comedy; Lucian of Samosata; Roman satire; parody; cognitive theories (esp. of humour/narratology); fragments

Michelakis, Pantelis Reader in Classics Greek literature and theatre, cultural transmission, and classical reception. 
Momigliano, Nicoletta Professor of Aegean Studies Aegean bronze age, esp. Minoan Crete, and its reception.
O'Gorman, Ellen Senior Lecturer in Classics Latin literature, Augustan and post-Augustan poetry and prose.
Sandwell, Bella Senior Lecturer in Ancient History Roman religion, early Christianity, late antiquity, cognitive approaches.
Shaw, Edwin Lecturer in Ancient History Roman Republican history and literature, especially historiography. 
Scott, Naomi A.G. Leventis Fellow in Greek Studies Fragments, Greek Comedy, Textual Transmission; ancient encyclopaedias.
Zajko, Vanda Reader in Classics Reception of classical literature, particularly in the 20th century. 


Emeriti staff

Buxton, Richard Professor Emeritus Greek literature (esp. tragedy), mythology and religion
Clark, Gillian Professor Emerita Late antiquity, early Christianity
Fowler, Robert Professor Emeritus Early Greek language and literature, Greek myth and religion
Kennedy, Duncan Professor Emeritus Latin literature, critical theory
Martindale, Charles Professor Emeritus  

Other Teaching Staff

Adam Brennan
Sara Contini
Martina Delucchi
Maiken Mosleth-King
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