Punchdrunk on the Classics

University of Bristol research project aims to create a new research agenda regarding immersivity and the classics, and produce a rehearsal study of an immersive theatre production

Dr Emma Cole, Lecturer in Liberal Arts and Classics, is Principal Investigator on the RCUK/UKRI Innovation Fellowship ‘Punchdrunk on the Classics’ (funded through the AHRC Leadership Fellowship scheme).

This innovative, interdisciplinary research project aims to explore the potential of ancient Greek literature for realisation as immersive experience, and features Punchdrunk as a project partner.

Punchdrunk are a world-leading theatre company who have pioneered a participatory form of immersive theatre which blends classic texts, physical performance, award-winning design installation, and unexpected sites.

The research builds upon Dr Emma Cole’s pre-existing relationship with Punchdrunk, established when she collaborated with the company on Kabeiroi (2017). It involves Dr Cole working with the company in a knowledge exchange arrangement, during which she will contribute her expertise on classical performance reception whilst gaining knowledge regarding the rehearsing and development of immersive experiences.  

The research project will lead to creative outputs, developed in collaboration with Punchdrunk, as well as a monograph and several articles. The fellowship will also support Dr Cole in convening a year-long seminar series, on knowledge exchange and the creative industries, alongside a major conference on antiquity and immersivity. 

Immersive Art Show- WERK in Progress by Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig Image credit: Wikimedia Commons https://bit.ly/3aKLyWO
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