Primary schools

The ancient world has a lot to offer KS1-2 pupils. Please see below for resources and workshops designed to enrich primary education, and contact us to arrange an event.

Resources for teaching Classics at KS1-2

Explore our resources archive for materials and training opportunities to support the teaching of classical subjects in primary schools. 

Visit our Teaching Videos page for resources to inform and/or complement your Classics teaching across different themes - especially A Day in the Life of a Roman Schoolchild, specially designed for KS2. 

As part of our package of support for schools, we offer a number of workshops that focus on different elements of the history, culture and literature of the ancient world. We are always happy to develop new workshops and talks, so contact us for a session that suits your needs. 

Our Hub team can lead workshops for primary pupils on everything from Greek mythology to Latin word roots. Some of our most popular workshops have included: 

  • The Horse’s Backside: Roman Britain and Us, a virtual workshop which introduces students to the influence of the Romans on aspects of our everyday life (KS2). 
  • The Science of Stories project uses ancient classical myths to deepen understanding of scientific concepts (activities suitable for KS2).
  • Homeric Monsters in the Odyssey introduces Homer's epic tale through classroom activities based around identity and emotions (KS2).

For further information, please contact Lizzie at the Bristol Classics Hub.

Bristol Classics Hub network map

Find out which schools in your local area are offering classical subjects, and join the network.

Spotlight on Hillcrest

Looking for an example of how to introduce classics into your school? Read our case study of Latin in Hillcrest primary school here: Hillcrest primary (PDF, 122kB)

Did you know...

School pupils at KS2 can take part in our famed Ovid in the West Country competition? Contact us to find out more and sign up to enter your school for Autumn 2021.

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