Teaching videos

Here you can find short videos to inform and/or complement your Classics teaching across different themes. Some are aimed at students and include in-class activities, while some offer guidance for your teaching planning and delivery.

Why do we study Classics?

Bristol Classics Hub partner, Martina Delucchi, describes the many wonders and advantages of studying classical subjects. Perfect for students and teachers alike to introduce Classics, Classical Civilization and Ancient History. 

How to set up a Classics Club

Classics Hub associate Frances Pickworth provides an easy guide to setting up a classics club in your school. Watch this video for hints and tips, and check out the accompanying PDF for more resources to help you get started: Classics club resources (PDF, 158kB)

A day in the life of a Roman schoolchild

Classics Hub associate Abi Sieradzki has created a video lesson resource suitable for KS2 pupils on a day in the life of a Roman schoolchild. Learn all about going to school in ancient Rome! You can find PDF resources for the activities below. 

Accompaying activity sheets:

Teaching Ancient Warfare

A video for teachers by Dr Hannah-Marie Chidwick about teaching war in the classroom. Hannah-Marie discusses some of the challenges we face teaching difficult subjects like war, and how to tackle them. This video was inspired by the teachers and researchers who attended a Hub Teach Meet held in March 2021, and a workshop in December 2019. 

Find out more about Hannah-Marie's project, Researching and Teaching Ancient Warfare in Education, on her website

Performing Ancient Literature

A mini lecture by expert Latin teacher, George Sharpley, about the way literature was performed in the ancient world.

Find out more about The Latin Qvarter language teaching and support.

Teaching resources

Visit our resources database for materials to supplement the teaching of classical languages and ancient history at both primary and secondary levels. 

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