Research Fellowships

We want to support you in becoming an independent research leader. Recently ranked number 1 in the UK for Chemistry research (THE analysis of REF 2021), the School of Chemistry at the University of Bristol offers a dynamic and nurturing environment in which to develop your research programme. Our inclusive, diverse, and collaborative School provides a supportive and scientifically excellent setting in which you can build a successful scientific career.

What we can offer you:

Support in preparing your Fellowship applications – You will have a senior academic mentor in the School of Chemistry as well as support in preparing your fellowship applications from the University’s dedicated Research and Enterprise Development Team, including advice on all technical aspects and costings and support in preparing for interviews.

The best in research infrastructure and career development – You and your growing research group will have access to the School’s outstanding laboratories, equipped with >£35M of cutting edge instrumentation. You’ll join a highly collegiate and interdisciplinary academic environment and be able to engage with the University’s Staff Development Team, who support all elements of career development from teaching and research to leadership and industry engagement.

A track record of success – The School of Chemistry has an excellent track record in hosting Independent Research Fellows and in supporting promising early career researchers as they embark on their independent research careers. 100% of the Independent Research Fellows hosted by the School over the last 15 years have secured a permanent academic position either at the University of Bristol or elsewhere. The School currently hosts 10 independent research fellows and you can read profiles on some of them and their career development below.

Equity of Research Support - We pride ourselves on ensuring equal and inclusive research support to all our researchers in the SoC through all stages of academic progression, with a positive working environment, including flexible and part-time work. Home working is supported by line managers. We actively support staff through periods of parental leave by adjusting workloads and providing cover for those staff undertaking periods of paternity, maternity, parental or adoption leave.

At Bristol, we are proud to host a number of independent research fellows in the School of Chemistry. Our continued excellence relies on the outstanding work undertaken by future leaders within the Chemical Sciences.

Emma Raven, Head of School


If you are interested in applying for an independent research fellowship to be held in the School of Chemistry at the University of Bristol, please contact the School Research Director, Professor Carmen Galan, at

If you are interested in applying for a postdoctoral fellowship, please contact the appropriate member of academic staff; contact details for academic staff can be found within the Research Theme webpages.


We support a range of Independent Research Fellowships, including those listed in the table below:

Scheme Duration Eligibility Current/Last Deadline Expression of Interest
Royal Society University Research Fellowship 8 years 3-8 years post PhD 07/09/2023 April
Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship 8 years < 6 years post PhD; flexible support required 01/11/2022 May
NERC Independent Research Fellowship 5 years PhD awarded by March 2024, no limit on PDRA expereince 08/11/2023 April
ERC Starting Grant 5 years 2-7 years post PhD 24/10/2023 April
EPSRC Open Fellowship 5 years >4 years in relevant field before start of fellowship 28/09/2023  
UKRI Future Leader Fellowship 5 years + 3 renewal internal competition 04/07/2023 February
Wellcome Early Career Awards 5 years < 3 years post PhD 21/02/2023 September
BBSRC Discovery Fellowship 3 years No limit on PDRA expereince 25/05/2023 December

Research Fellowship examples

Click on the drop-downs below to see some of our successful research fellows.

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