Seedcorn Fund projects 2012-2013

These are the successful Seedcorn Fund funded projects in 2012-2013:

Virtual Adaptation: An investigation into the potential of mobile and social media to support communities in adapting to climate change

Chris Preist ( Computer Science), co-applicants Malcolm Fairbrother and JD Dewsbury(Geographical Sciences)

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The effects of Arabidopsis plant root architecture on the resistance of soils to concentrated flows of water erosion

Claire Grierson ( Biological Sciences ), co-applicants T Quine and Sarah De Baets (College of Life and Environmental Sciences, University of Exeter)

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Electrical properties of volcanic ash

Isobel Houghton  (Electrical Engineering ), co-applicant Karen Aplin ( Physics, Oxford) and Keri Nicoll (Meteorology, Reading)

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Characterising colour vision in insect vectors of disease and agricultural pests

Juliette McGregor  (Biological Sciences)

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Black Box Workshop: multidisciplinary approaches to uncertainty

Tamsin Edwards  (Geographical Sciences ), co-applicant Jonty Rougier ( Maths)

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Greening Tomorrow’s Doctors:Consultation seminar on priority learning outcomes for sustainable medical education

Trevor Thompson  (Social and Community Medicine), co-applicants Stefi Barna ( Norwich Medical School, UEA), Frances Mortimer (Centre for Sustainable Healthcare), Jason Horsley (Public Health, Sheffield), Steve Gillam (Public Health, Cambridge)

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Community involvement in livestock disease management through participatory epidemiology in Botswana

Josephine Walker  (Biological Sciences ), co-applicants Eric Morgan (Vet School), Kate Evans (Biological Sciences)

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Melting ice sheets: impacts on ocean productivity and biodiversity

Jemma Wadham  (Geographical Sciences), co-applicants Fanny MonteiroSandra ArndtMark JacksonMartyn TranterJonathan BamberJohanna Laybourn-ParryAlex Anesio ( Geographical Sciences), Stephen Burrow and Elizabeth Bagshaw (Aerospace Engineering)

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