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School of Education collaborates with the Cabot Institute for the Environment in contributing to COP26 in Glasgow

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1 November 2021

The University of Bristol, Education in Small States Research Group (ESSRG) in collaboration with the Centre for Comparative and International Research in Education (CIRE) and the multi-disciplinary Cabot Institute for the Environment, have produced a short (15 minute), visually attractive and accessible video as a direct School of Education contribution to COP 26 in Glasgow.

This has been developed from the full zoom recording of our ESSRG / Bristol Conversations in Education ‘Small Island Developing States (SIDS) Speak to COP26’ event held on the 5th October.

Our professionally developed video highlights the ‘voices’, views and climate change priorities held by youth, community members, traditional village elders and national leaders ‘Living at the Sharp End of Environmental Uncertainty’ in all three global regions of SIDS: the Caribbean, the Indian Ocean and the Pacific (see The presentation, emerging from recent field research, speaks directly to COP 26 in ways that draw critical attention to local and indigenous concerns and priorities that deserve increased attention at major international events and conferences.

Viewers will see many familiar SoE faces and Alumni, along with recently conducted grass roots interviews with communities in a diversity of island contexts; views held by village elders on the challenges faced by climate change in SIDS; insights from indigenous knowledge and arts relating to climate forecasting, change and resilience; recent educational initiatives designed to empower youth and community; a response from Professor Dann Mitchell from the Cabot Institute; and a distinguished high-level contribution from Alumni and long-time Governor General of St Lucia (1997-2018), Dame Pearlette Louisy.

Our Cabot Institute partners will help to promote this material in Glasgow, but the video will also be sent to national and regional representatives from SIDS who will be delegates at COP itself. Please share widely with others in your own networks.

The full, 90 minute, Zoom recording will be posted on the ESSRG and BCE websites and both versions are available on the Cabot YouTube channel.

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