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Cabot Institute for the Environment exhibit in the COP26 Green Zone

Left to right: Dr Alan Kennedy-Asser, Sophie Ross-Smith and Angus Morrice

Cabot Institute exhibition stand at COP26

2 November 2021

Cabot Institute for the Environment exhibit research and artworks in the COP26 Green Zone with the aim to inspire climate action and help to ensure that different voices are heard at COP26.

Ahead of the UN Climate Change Summit, COP26, the Cabot Institute for the Environment captured conversations and stories on climate change from across the University of Bristol and communities in the city and collaborated with film makers and artists (from painters to poets) to find inspiring new ways to engage people in research. The outputs of these projects were shared in the COP26 Green Zone in Glasgow on 1 November as part of the COP26 Universities Network exhibition stand.

The Green Zone is open to the public from 1 - 12 November to shine a light on the amazing and diverse world of climate action. 

Cabot Institute manager, Sophie Ross-Smith, and Cabot Institute Administrator and PA to the Director, Angus Morrice, chatted with visitors to the exhibition stand and captured 'Voices of COP26' which will be incorporated into an artwork after the event. Dr Alan Kennedy-Asser was there presenting his research project on Temperature Life Stories, and Dr Sebastian Steinig will be at the same stand on 3 November with an interactive climate archive. 

The projects showcased at COP26 are outlined below. 

Cabot Conversations 

Ten fascinating conversations around climate change created in the run-up to COP26. Every episode features two experts from different disciplines, from across the Cabot Institute for the Environment and beyond, plus an artist who creates a stunning piece of art as they interpret what you're listening to. Hear surprising facts, stories, and advice for policymakers, about the emergency we're all facing whilst watching beautiful art, from paintings to poetry, dance to illustrations, created in real time. Topics include what is the climate emergency, why climate justice matters for all and a whole systems approach to net zero. Download, watch and listen to the conversations

Bristol - A City Speaks 

A City Speaks is a series of inspiring and previously untold stories of 7 Bristol residents’ incredible environmental action in the city and surrounding areas. Watch the short videos

Billboard and poster campaign 

Emma Blake Morsi, aged 24, from Rising Arts Agency created a series of evocative billboards and posters, which were emblazoned across Bristol in July 2021, to highlight how innovative, pioneering research holds the key to unlocking such pressing problems, including access to water and sanitation, the effects of climate change on drylands and sustainable food sources. Find out more.

Temperature Life Stories 

What causes us to experience temperatures differently? The impacts of climate change will be widespread but will not be felt equally. This research seeks to facilitate an exploration of human experience of rising temperatures. Temperature Life Stories: Feeling the Heat – Brigstow Institute (

Climate Archive Visualization website

On Wednesday 3 November, Dr Sebastian Steinig will be at the Green Zone COP26 Universities stand sharing an app that allows interactive access to climate research data, more than 100 model simulations covering the climate history of the last 540 million years. Go to climatearchive | Phanerozoic to visualise climate data 3D in your browser.

What future do we want? This website shows projections of two different future emissions scenarios. 

Cabot Institute for the Environment experts on a wide range of hot topics spanning climate change, environmental justice, emissions, sustainable energy, green finance and the economy are in Glasgow to participate in the summit. Click here for a summary of who is there and what events they are involved in.

Further information

Cabot Institute for the Environment is part of the COP26 Universities Network, collaborating with over 80 other UK-based universities and research centres across the UK to help deliver a successful COP26. Find out more about our work for COP26 at COP26 | Cabot Institute for the Environment | University of Bristol.

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