Communications and Engagement Officer

Amanda Woodman-Hardy
Amanda Woodman-Hardy

Amanda Woodman-Hardy

Amanda (also known as Mand) focusses on internal and external engagement including managing our largest events and Cabot's communications including website, blog, social media and our Cabot Communicators group.  

Amanda has been at the Cabot Institute since the very beginning, helping to set up its administrative and communications function in 2011.  Amanda has worked in a variety of settings, from local government to NGOs to environmental consultancies and higher education.  She has years of experience in the environmental sector not just in work but also with a BSc in Geography and an MSc in Sustainable Environmental Management.  Amanda's passion is environmental communications and she was the University of Bristol's Communications Officer for the European Green Capital year, which was awarded to the city of Bristol in 2015.  Amanda's efforts during the year included curating some amazing street art by Alex Lucas on Park Row and working with We The Curious to show off Cabot Institute research in the UK's first digital 3D planetarium, amongst many other things!  

Amanda has spent 2021 working on a whole host of communications and public engagement activities for COP26 including Cabot Conversations, COP26 policy briefings, a Rising Arts collaboration with artist Emma Blake Morsi, the prestigious and very popular Cabot Institute Annual Lecture titled COP26 - are you paying attention?, and much more!

You can contact Amanda at or call +44 (0)117 455 2905.

You can also find Amanda on Twitter @Enviro_Mand


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