Commercialisation for researchers

The commercialisation team works with researchers to provide guidance, practical advice and translational support to protect and transform research into new commercial opportunities.

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Relevant information will be recorded on a secure database for the purpose of managing commercialisation activity and in line with GDPR it is only held for as long as is needed.

Identifying a commercialisation opportunity

You may identify opportunities during your research that could make a social or economic impact. This could be a new product, process, method, analytical technique or software program.

Contact us with your commercialisation idea.

Contact Us Early

If you think your research could be commercialised, let us know. We’ll meet you to talk about how the work arose, who was involved, any existing collaborations or commercial connections, and the stage of development of the work. Demonstrations, proofs of concept and any published (or in-draft) materials will help us to decide how to work with you to move this forward. It is important to contact us before the work has been disclosed outside of the university (eg through a presentation, poster, abstract or journal article) since this may make it very difficult or impossible to protect through patenting, which is often key to successful commercialisation.

Translating your research

The process of developing this research towards real world impact is what we call translation. Once a project has been identified, developing a commercialisation opportunity may require different approaches. Typical translation activities might include:

  • Planning a commercial pathway
  • Finding translational funding to take the research closer to commercialisation.
  • Filing patents to protect any Intellectual Property
  • Marketing the opportunity to companies or investors
  • Finding investment and people needed to create spin out a company

Commercialising your research

There are couple ways to commercialise your opportunity with the two most common being a licence to an existing company or a licence to a newly formed spin out company, which could be a social enterprise.

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