The commercialisation team helps the University of Bristol achieve real-world impact through executing licencing deals and forming spin-out companies.

Why commercialise?

Our team works with leading researchers and academics across a broad range of science and technology across all departments at the University of Bristol.

We have commercialised technologies in a range of diverse fields and are highly experienced, having conducted numerous licence and commercialisation deals over the years, with businesses ranging from start-ups through manufacturing SMEs to major industry players.

We seek to protect intellectual property for Bristol technologies.

We welcome enquiries from companies interested in taking a licence on technology developed at Bristol. We also welcome general enquiries from companies interested in alternative ways of working together.

How we help 

  • Identify – Working with you to spot potential commercialisation opportunities and protect your intellectual property.
  • Translate – Moving beyond the lab. Finding and accessing money and other resources to further develop your potential research. Engaging potential markets and commercial partners.
  • Commercialise – Shape and execute licencing deals. Setup spinout companies. Provide ongoing support so your research achieves real world impact. 

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