Visiting scholars

Please note: Our Visiting Scholar scheme is now taking applications for those wishing to visit the university. You would be required to comply with any UK Government rules on travelling to the UK. University guidelines may also be subject to change, and you should also be aware that opportunities to meet academic colleagues face to face may be limited and research events may be online.

The School's Visiting Scholars Scheme enables national and international academics, researchers and practitioners to come to Bristol and spend a period of time conducting research and participating in the school’s collegiate and diverse research community. (This scheme is not offered to PhD students who may apply through the Visiting Postgraduate Research Student Scheme).

Prospective applicants should note that the School only accepts applicants who can demonstrate that they will be engaged in a specific research project for the duration of their visit, and who can illustrate that their research will complement the research interests represented within the School. Visitors are expected to play an active part in the School community during the period of their visit.

Please see below for further information regarding the application procedure and relevant deadlines.

Scheme objectives

The Visiting Scholar Scheme seeks to enhance the already vibrant research culture and learning environment of the School. With this in mind, the aims of the scheme are to:

  • offer external academics and interested professionals the opportunity to carry out research with a view to publishing their work;
  • enhance the research community at the School through the active participation of visiting scholars in academic life at Bristol;
  • further develop and promote external research links with other universities, institutions and practitioners in the United Kingdom and overseas;
  • provide School staff and research students with the opportunity to work with and learn from academics from outside Bristol.


Visiting scholars may start at any time during the year, subject to agreement between each individual scholar and the School. Please be sure to allow sufficient time between applying and the requested dates of the visit.


Scholars may apply for visiting periods of between two weeks and six months.


The School will charge a visitor fee from September 2022, the amount of which will depend on the length of stay.  Please note that the visitor fee must be paid prior to the commencement of any visit. Fee waivers may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Please note that we do not offer funding.  Unfortunately, the School is unable to contribute financial support to assist scholars with travel and subsistence. However, visiting scholars may be able to apply for funding under the Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professorships scheme, administered by the Institute for Advanced Studies.

Fee waivers may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Provision of resources

Visitors will receive/be provided with:

  • a University Card;
  • shared office/desk space;
  • the sponsorship of a School staff member, who will meet with the visitor and provide guidance and advice for the visitor while in Bristol (please note that it is up to the individual to arrange this initial meeting with their sponsor);
  • access to the Bristol University Library and all other University Library Services;
  • access to electronic holdings, databases and journals where available;
  • the visitor's email address will be added to the mailing list, so that he or she is notified of any School events that may be of interest or relevance.

Please note:

  • Visitors are encouraged to bring their own laptop computers which can be used at wireless areas around the University.
  • We cannot provide assistance with living accommodation.

Applicant eligibility

This scheme is not open to PhD students.

Applicants are required to contact the member of staff they would like to work with and must seek their approval and agreement as a ‘sponsor’ before applying.

Applicants should note the requirements of UK immigration procedures that need to be completed along with the standard application form below.

Relationship with the School

Depending on the length of their visit and the nature of their research, visitors are expected to contribute actively to academic life in the School, in particular through participating in research seminars relevant to their research. Visiting scholars may identify themselves as 'Visiting Scholar, University of Bristol' during their period at the School.

Requirements of tenure

Depending on the length of tenure, the school expects that during the visit period scholars are willing to:

  • deliver a staff seminar
  • deliver a guest lecture to undergraduates in relevant module(s)
  • deliver a guest lecture to postgraduates in relevant module(s)
  • commit to reasonable attendance at the staff seminar series
  • deliver a guest PhD ‘clinic’

End of visit report

At the end of the visiting term, scholars are asked to submit a brief written report summarising their contribution to the school research committee.  This report may be excerpted and published by the school.

How to apply

Visiting scholars application form (Office document, 36kB) and submit it to the Research Team at

Applicants should provide a clear explanation for the proposed duration and timing of their visit and have clear and realistic research plan to be pursued during that time.

Applications must be accompanied by a statement of support from the academic staff member at Bristol who will ‘sponsor’ your visit.

Follow up

Applications are reviewed by the school research committee at various points throughout the year.

Applications should be submitted electronically.

You will be advised, by email, of the outcome of your application within four weeks of the Research Committee Meeting and where successful will be asked to complete a Visiting Academic Status request form.

Visiting postgraduate research (PhD) students

If you are a PhD student, find out more about the University of Bristol Business School's visiting postgraduate research (PhD) students scheme.

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