Sustainable Production & Consumption and Inclusive Economy

Fostering organisational and societal transitions for sustainable and inclusive societies.

We research two of the biggest societal challenges of our time: (a) how can organisations and forms of organising transition to sustainable forms of production and consumption, and (b) how can we do so in an equitable and inclusive way?

Prioritising an interdisciplinary social sciences approach, we examine issues such as: sustainable business practices; diverse patterns of working and consuming; democratic forms of business ownership and governance; the changing ways in which goods and services are sourced, conceived, developed, distributed, accessed, used and disposed of; and the moral economies of ‘societal transitions’. SPICE members’ research includes work on the social and solidarity economy, degrowth and postgrowth, community wealth building, community economies, responsibility, and social justice.

We are interested in researching forms of organising that are aimed at producing inclusive, equitable and low carbon business ecosystems that operate within planetary boundaries. This means environmentally sustainable business practices; patterns of employment that reflect the population of the region and place; localising the economy; and more democratic alternatives to ownership and management. Rather than thinking about sustainability solely in terms of future planning, these are approaches that also impact our present conditions of living.

Our research engages directly with a wide range of partners, including third sector and civil society organisations, social and solidarity economy organisations such as co-operatives, government, trade unions, and large and small businesses.

A range of current projects address the fair creative economy, sustainable food systems, community development, sustainable fashion, land reform, employee ownership trusts, co-working, union co-operatives, and resource security. Our research is global in reach, including collaborations with communities and partners across minority and majority world contexts.

Contact us

Organisations or individuals interested in working with the Sustainable Production & Consumption and Inclusive Economy research group, please contact:

Dr Anita Mangan

Senior Lecturer in Organisation Studies, University of Bristol Business School

Current projects

  • Alternative networks of production, distribution, and consumption
  • Circulations of materials, waste and disposal
  • Co-operative resilience
  • Digital platforms for sustainable food
  • ESRC Centre for Sociodigital Futures
  • Food justice
  • ‘My World’ Fair Creative Economies programme
  • Postcolonialism and consumer culture
  • Resilience and resource security in Ukraine
  • Responsibility for sustainability transitions
  • Sharing and circular economy
  • Union co-operatives
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