Economic impact from BrisSynBio’s world-class research

BrisSynBio’s industrial offering

BrisSynBio offers a wide range of industrially relevant in-house expertise, technical capability and facilities. We work closely with companies to understand their research and development needs, and have built long-term relationships with industry in a range of sectors. We are seeking further partnerships through:

Translational research

We have industrially relevant projects and intellectual property in four main areas:

BrisSynBio aims to be a translational synthetic biology hub for Bristol and the South West. Through our Innovation Programme we aim to:

  • develop a self-sustaining funding steam from BrisSynBio innovation activities
  • establish BrisSynBio as a high-profile centre for synthetic biology innovation with a vibrant industrial network
  • foster a long-term culture of innovation at all levels of BrisSynBio students and staff

This programme is already bearing fruit. BrisSynBio’s first start-up company (Zentraxa) was launched in early 2017 and we have a range of upcoming innovation events.

Full details of the Innovation Programme can be found in about BrisSynBio.


Dr Andy Boyce
Innovations Manager

Dr Paul Race
Deputy-Director, Translation

Professor Keith Edwards
Deputy-Director, Translation

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