Translational research

BrisSynBio’s world-leading basic science and platform technology development has led to commercial opportunities in a range of areas.

Novel chemistry

We are using synthetic biology to unlock the potential of biology to produce chemical entities to complex or expensive to synthesise by other means. In addition, we are harnessing the enormous well of untapped biodiversity to look for, and enhance, industrially relevant compounds and enzymes.

Peptide design

We have developed an entirely new type of protein assembly called SAGEs (self-assembled peptide cages).  From thousands of individual peptides, these SAGEs self-assemble into hollow spheres, offering a highly flexible and modular platform for medicine and industry biotechnology.

Therapeutic platforms

We are using synthetic biology to develop a range of therapeutic platforms. We partner with healthcare providers, clinicians and pharmaceutical companies to ensure that these developments meet real clinical needs and are commercially viable.


The use of synthetic biology enables us to explore new GM and traditional approaches to agri-tech. The work builds on world-class expertise in wheat genomics at the University of Bristol as well as revolutions in gene editing techniques such as CRISPR Cas 9.


We are also developing a range of other high risk / high reward projects that we hope to be able to commercialise in the near future.

If you are interested in these, or any translational projects, please contact our Innovations Manager, Andy Boyce:


Dr Andy Boyce
Innovations Manager

Dr Paul Race
Deputy-Director, Translation

Professor Keith Edwards
Deputy-Director, Translation

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