Peptide design

Vaccine SAGEs

Immunisation is one of the most cost-effective ways to save lives, improve health and ensure long-term prosperity. Our research programme is investigating whether SAGEs can be used as “scaffolds” for the presentation and delivery of parts of infectious agents such as bacteria and viruses.

We have shown that SAGE particles containing specific epitopes can elicit a response from cultured human cells.  We are working to investigate disease protection in mice to determine the suitability for human trials.

Full details of the project are available here.

Enzyme SAGEs

Immobilised enzymes are used in detergents, food treatment, biosensors, and production of fuel, high value chemicals and pharmaceuticals. We are using SAGEs as a novel enzyme encapsulation method. This approach promises to address major issues with existing immobilisation methods including enzymes leaching, loss of enzyme function and reduction in enzyme stability.

We are particularly excited by the potential of embedding multiple enzymes within the same SAGE particle. This will enable us to establish enzyme cascades, further increasing the utility of the enzyme SAGE platform.


Dr Andy Boyce
Innovations Manager

Dr Paul Race
Deputy-Director, Translation

Professor Keith Edwards
Deputy-Director, Translation

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