Foreword from the Subject Editor

It is with great pleasure that I am able to present this year’s contribution to the BILT Journal in Philosophy. In a year that has been characterised by isolation, solitude, and reflection, these papers encompass not only those themes, but also engage with timely and crucial discussions in a culture which is increasingly interrogating previously held ideas on what constitutes knowledge, understanding, and truth. 

The range of papers this year is diverse and encompasses a wide range of themes. From papers based in traditional philosophical discussion, to papers discussing and analysing meme culture, institutional racism, and contemporary comedy on streaming services, it is apparent that there is an exciting and innovative approach to philosophy coming out of the Bristol student body. 

It has been an honour to lead the editorial team, in a year in which community and togetherness has been increasingly tough.  

I would especially like to thank the editorial team for all of their hard work and commitment to the Philosophy board at this year’s journal: Mark Carver, Georgiana Townley, Nikki Vora, Oliver MatthewsWiship Zhong. 

Tess Allen 

Subject Editor for Philosophy

With thanks to:

Georgiana Townley - Deputy Editor

Niharika Vora - Deputy Editor 

Oliver Matthews - Copy Editor
Yiyun Zhong - Peer Reviewer
Mark Carver - Peer Reviewer
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