BILT Student Fellows

Student Fellows join our team for a unique role working with the Bristol Institute for Learning and Teaching (BILT) each year.

Applications for the roles of Student Fellow 2023/24 are now closed .  

Student Fellows have their own project to research and produce resources (blogs, videos, podcasts) for, as well as promoting findings through various mediums inside the UniversityThey also interview staff, students, and undertake scholarly research to produce findings we can feed back into the University. Our aim for the Fellowships is that the projects are completely student-driven to ensure they truly represent the student voice. 

In conjunction with their projects the Student Fellows publish blog posts and podcasts throughout the year and their individual styles shine through, you can find them all in the BILT blog category Student Voice and the BILT Broadcast.

The Student Research Journala BILT Student Fellow initiative, was launched in 2019 and we have published an issue every year since. All issues are available to read online. Seeing the enthusiasm of contributors to the Student Research Journal, the BILT Student Fellows wanted to provide another opportunity for students to showcase their research, so they launched the Student Research Festival in 2021. The Festival was run online for the first two years and in 2023 we held it in-person for the first time ever which was a great success! We hope to continue running the Festival on campus in future years.

To become involved in this year's Journal, leave an expression of interest here.

Project themes for 23/24

  • 'Designed for All' Assessment Activities
  • Decolonising the Curriculum
  • International student experience
  • Research-rich teaching, learning and assessment
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