The Wellcome Covid-19 Questionnaire

This questionnaire is freely available to population health researchers to download.

The Questionnaire

The Longitudinal Population Studies (LPS) COVID-19 questionnaire will help population health researchers address health, behaviour, social, environmental and economic questions in the context of the pandemic.

You can collect COVID related data across multiple domains using the same validated questions used or adopted by other cohorts. This allows direct comparison with studies carried out at similar or different times or settings.  It will also benefit meta-analysis.

We thank The Welcome Trust for supporting the establishment and initial development of the questionnaire. The Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children, University of Bristol and Generation Scotland, University of Edinburgh, are now (July 2021) supporting the resource.

Acknowledging the questionnaire

When acknowledging how you gathered data for your research please use the following description:

Data collected and analysed in this work were derived from questionnaire material developed as part of the Longitudinal Population Studies COVID-19 questionnaire. This was supported by Wellcome “Longitudinal Population Study Covid-19 Steering Group and Secretariat” as a Strategic Support Science Grant - 221574/Z/20/Z.

Timeline for Covid 19 in the UK

This timeline, updated monthly, illustrates the progress of the pandemic in the UK, alongside policy measures, national and international events, and key milestones for population studies. Thanks to all the studies that helped to contribute to its production. 

Outputs from the questionnaire

We will update this section with your published research – please get in touch to let us know when publishing. 

This questionnaire helps to ensure that different studies collect consistent data, so that we can make future comparisons of the impact of Covid across the UK and internationally. This will help us understand who is most at risk and why, and how we tackle this and future pandemics.

Professor Martin Tobin, EXCEED study, University of Leicester

Who's who

Studies who are contributing to the development of the questionnaire, data analysis and cascade of research are:

Secretariat: Professor Nic Timpson, Professor David Porteous, Lynn Molloy, Robin Flaig

Steering group: Professor Naomi Allen, Drew Altscul, Jeff Banks, Andy BoydProfessor Lisa Calderwood, Professor Nish Chaturvedi, Professor John Chambers, Professor John Danesh, Dr Leon Danon, Professor Emanuele Di Angelantonio, Dr Josie Dickerson, Professor Paul Elliot, Dr Chloe Fawns-Ritchie, Alissa Goodman, Ben Gordon, Anna Guyatt, Paz Garcia, Professor Rebecca Hardy, Dr Deborah Hart, Simon Haworth, Charlotte Huggins, Dr Claudia Langenberg, Professor Deborah A Lawlor, Dr Kate NorthstoneProfessor Rosie McEachan, Sally McManus, Joe McNamara, James Pickett, Professor George Ploubidis, David Seymour, Claire Steves, Dr Ellen Thompson, Professor Martin Tobin, Dr Laura Venn, Professor Helen Ward, Professor Jim Wilson and Dr Tiffany Yang

Research funding agency representatives include: Bridget Taylor (ESRC), Bruna Galobardes (Wellcome Trust), Catherine Moody (MRC), Gavin Malloch (MRC), Laura Morrell (ESRC), Mary de Silva (Wellcome Trust), Rhos Walker (HDRUK), Tamysn Derrick (MRC).

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We’re working with The International HundredK+ Consortium of Cohorts to share resources, intelligence and data where appropriate.  IHCC have a Wellcome Trust funded questionnaire targeted for lower and middle income countries to aid a standard approach to pandemic research questions and analysis.

Reaching policy makers

During the first year of the COVID-19 we established a rapid-response pipeline to the scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) via Health Data Research UK and to other policy makers through the CLOSER COVID-19 research hub

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