Cancelling your accommodation offer

Please note this information is related to cancelling your tenancy before moving in. For information on cancelling your tenancy after you have moved in, please visit our Current Students section. Before moving in, your right to cancel your tenancy in any of our undergraduate residences is as follows: 

All undergraduate residences

Payment on acceptance of offer: Undergraduate students have nothing to pay on accepting their accommodation offer.  

Cancellation policy:

  1. If you are not able to progress to your studies we will cancel your tenancy.
  2. If you do not arrive in the UK but begin studies (online), you will be liable for your rent from the tenancy start date unless you cancel your tenancy.  
  3. You can cancel your tenancy before you have moved into your residence and before the tenancy start date, you will not be liable for any rent payments. 
  4. Unless you have collected the keys for your accommodation you may cancel your booking by sending an e-mail to, at any time before the tenancy start date.
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