Self-catered accommodation

Our self-catered accommodation provides you with the opportunity to cook for yourself. Find out more about the facilities available in our self-catered accommodation.

Our self-catered residences

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Facilities in self-catered accommodation

In every shared kitchen, there is:

  • cooker
  • refrigerator
  • freezer
  • microwave
  • toaster
  • kettle
  • dining table and chairs.

You will have your own cupboard space in the shared kitchen. Find out what you need to bring and what is already provided.

Our residences vary in size and number of people sharing communal areas. To find out how many students share a kitchen in each residence, please browse our residences page.

Food and drink packages to use in dining halls or Source cafes

If you live in self-catered accommodation but don't want to cook for yourself, you can buy a food and drink package. This will allow you to eat meals and have drinks in the dining halls of our catered accommodation and from any of our on-campus cafés. 

You will be able to save money by purchasing a bundle of lunchtime meals in advance. Packages include:

How to apply for University accommodation

Find out how to apply for University accommodation.

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