Course fees

Currently, this page is showing information on our summer 2023 pre-sessional courses. Full details of our pre-sessional offering for summer 2024 will be available here soon. 

Pre-sessional course fees for 2023
CourseTotal tuition fees 
(UK, EU and overseas students)
10-week pre-sessional course £5,120
6-week pre-sessional courses £3,130

Whether you choose to study online or on-campus, the course cost will be the same. This is because both courses offer an equally high-quality experience. Find out more about your options on the online and on-campus study page.

The total tuition fees in the table above cover your induction and all your tuition, including the use of study resources and multimedia facilities at the University of Bristol. The tuition fees are the same for all students, whether UK or international. Tuition fees are subject to increase every year. Increases are decided by the Strategic Pricing Group.

To secure your place on a pre-sessional programme, you will be required to pay your full tuition fee as a deposit. Tuition fees cannot be paid in instalments. Pre-sessional fees are refundable in full within 14 days of original payment. After this period, no refunds will be made for students withdrawing from study.

Accommodation (for on-campus students) and living expenses are not included in the tuition fees.

For more information, please refer to the University’s tuition fee payments page.

Additional costs

There are some additional costs you need to consider before coming to study in Bristol. These can be considered under the heading of ‘living expenses’. The University has a comprehensive guide to the cost of living in Bristol.

We do not ask you to print or buy books for your pre-sessional course. We ask you to submit all your work online.


Visit the Visa Services page for pre-sessional visa and CAS information. 

The pre-sessional course is extremely useful. I have learned how to write more academically and express my points clearly. I can also have an effective discussion with my group members and teachers in the live session. At the beginning of the course, I didn’t have enough confidence to talk with others, but now I can do it!

Online pre-sessional student
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