Training for teachers and academics

In partnership with other departments across the University, we offer resources and training for staff, on areas including:

  • the challenges with academic language and literacy that students commonly experience
  • how to make assessment criteria and feedback more transparent for all students
  • strategies and resources for writing and presenting to an international audience
  • how to teach to an international classroom
  • practical training for those who are new to teaching
  • how to write narrative submissions for promotion cases
  • how to write narrative CVs for funding applications.

University staff can visit the centre's Sharepoint site for more information.

Teaching English for Academic Purposes (TEAP)

For teachers outside of University, we offer intensive Teaching English for Academic Purposes (TEAP) courses. Whether you’re an experienced practitioner or just moving into the field, our TEAP courses can help you develop your knowledge, engage with sector peers, and prepare for further accreditation.

Find out more about our TEAP courses.

More information for staff

If you are a member of University staff, find out more about our resources and training on Sharepoint.

The course helped me delve a bit deeper into the 'why' behind my classroom teaching and materials design. It also gave me lots of new ideas for engaging classroom activities to help students develop as autonomous learners.

Kathryn Redpath, TEAP participant
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