We Are Bristol Clubs

These are the #WeAreBristol Performance, Parachute, Kick Start and Evolution sports clubs for the 2019/20 academic year.

Working in partnership with Bristol SU, the new structure will allow us to provide more support to clubs and help them to plan, grow and develop for the future.

Clubs receive professional coaching support and access to prime-time training slots across all our facilities. The support we provide helps to develop, lead and create a positive environment and maintain our Top 10 sporting university position within the BUCS league.

Performance Clubs

Parachute clubs

These are clubs that have dropped from Performance status but may be able to get back up there with some help.

Kick start clubs

These are clubs that applied this year and we believe that with some investment, support and student drive, they could become a Performance Sport Club in the coming years.

Club Evolution

These are clubs taking the first stepping stone to greater success. Be it their performance goals, membership growth or committee development, the clubs are supported to achieve their ambitions.

Other clubs

There are over 70 sports clubs and societies here at Bristol. To read the whole list, please visit the Bristol SU clubs and societies webpage.

Definition of a sports club

A sports club is a group meeting any of criteria in category A, or all of the criteria in category B.

Category A Category B
Group listed in the Clubs and Societies section of the SEH website Primary activity expresses or improves physical fitness
Group participates in BUCS Group self-identifies as a sport (and not a dance/performing art)
Group is affiliated to a recognised national sporting body Primary activity is done competitively against external groups

Primary activity is a martial art  

Club kit ordering

Order your kit from the Surridge Sports We Are Bristol Clubs shop.

Since its formation in 2011, the Futsal Club has experienced substantial growth and success. The club currently has both a men's and a women's team competing at the highest level of university league Futsal. We secured Kick-Start status for the 2016-17 season. The extra funding and coaching support provided, amongst many other benefits, seemed essential to the continuing development of the Club. We look forward to working with the University to continue to progress and hopefully enjoy another successful season.

Edouard Bonneville, Futsal Club Captain, 2016

How to become a We Are Bristol Club for 2019-20

Firstly have a look at the we are bristol clubs timetable (PDF, 1,022kB) for details of what happens and when. Secondly, the we are bristol clubs grant cycle (PDF, 196kB) will tell you the important deadlines you need to know. Finally the we are bristol clubs BUCS funding matrix (PDF, 384kB) gives you the details on how points make prizes!

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