Copyright Licensing Agency

The University has a licence from the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA), which permits staff and students, in certain circumstances, to make multiple photocopies, scan and store extracts from printed books and printed journals and make digital copies of certain digital materials. The licence requires strict conditions to be satisfied – see the related pages for more information. The purpose of the licence is to enable the University (via CLA) to pay creators of certain copyright material fairly for the use of that material.

Why comply with the Licence?

Using copyright material without the consent of the rightsholder or in proper reliance of a legal exemption infringes the rights of the owner.  The owner could take enforcement action by suing for damages or obtaining other remedies e.g. return of the infringing material.

The CLA Licence provides consent to use the identified materials, subject to compliance with the terms of the Licence. The University believes the Licence represents a fair and proper way of paying copyright owners for the use of their copyright material.

The CLA has the right to police the Licence by carrying out compliance audits. The CLA would be granted full access rights to systems and other records for the purpose of the audit.  The Licence could be withdrawn for non-compliance and the University could also be sued.  Accordingly, it is a disciplinary offence to deliberately ignore or flout the Licence.

If you are in doubt about your right to use material under the CLA Licence, please contact the Library or your CLA Designated Person in your school or division.