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These pages are for GP teachers. If you are interested in studying medicine at Bristol, please see details of our MB ChB Medicine course.

This first section refers to teaching in the 2021-22 Academic Year. For teaching in the 2020-21 Academic Year, please see further down the page. 

2021-22 Academic Year

In Year 5 students will undertake a 9 week block placement in primary care. They will have completed finals at the end of Year 4 and will have just returned from an 8 week elective. It is an apprentice style placement as part of  their Preparing for Professional Practice (PPP) course which also includes 9 weeks of both ward based care and acute and critical care. The main focus of the  primary care placement is on the student consulting with patients independently and practising decision making.

Aim of the Placement

To prepare students for working as an F1 doctor by learning in the Primary Care setting.

How the placement works

Students will come in pairs for a 9 week block. They will be out of practice every Wednesday for small group teaching. There are no prescribed teaching themes and the placement can be designed flexibly to meet the individual students’ learning needs. We suggest a minimum of 4 student-led surgeries and one observed surgery each week. The students will also undertake a small project for the practice.



Student led Surgery

Students have their own list and consult in pairs or alone followed by a senior review after each patient.

Observed Surgery/Tutorial

Students consult individually with direct observation and feedback from student colleague and supervisor.

Community/Allied Health

Students can spend one session a week with an allied health care professional. This could include, but is not limited to,  practice nurses, district nurses, pharmacists, midwives, health visitors, drugs workers, MSK practitioners and social prescribers.

Assigned Patient

We would like you to suggest at least 1 patient to the students to follow-up during their attachment.  Examples include a recently discharged patient or a newly diagnosed patient with diabetes.


The students need to demonstrate satisfactory attendance and engagement with the placement. The students will also need to complete at least one satisfactory Mini-Cex examination during the placement. This is an observed  consultation to the level of an F1 doctor. 


The students will have one session a week to plan and deliver a community based project. They will have some central teaching from the university to support this.

Year 5 Teaching Dates

Block A: 4th November 2021 to 21st January 2022

Block B: 24th January 2022 to 25th March 2022

Block C: 28th March 2022 to 10th June 2022

GP5 Frequently asked questions

How many students?

We would like you to take one pair of students per block. You are welcome to take a single student but the payment will be half of that advertised.  If  you  have capacity you are welcome to have a second pair of students per block but they will need to have their own supervisor and consult independently  to the other student pair.

Will students need their own room?

Yes, we would suggest that  students consult independently in pairs or alone at least 4 sessions a week. We would expect them to have their own list  of patients  to consult prior to a senior  review.

Can more than one GP deliver the teaching?

One GP needs to take responsibility, oversee the teaching and provide continuity. Other GPs and allied health professionals can contribute to teaching. It is hoped that all team members will welcome the students and help to facilitate their learning.

What if I’m away during the 9 weeks?

We appreciate you will have annual leave. Please arrange for a colleague to organise and supervise the students when you are away.

Can I change the timings of the day?

You can arrange this with the students. We appreciate that a standard GP day is longer than an average working day. We are happy for students to start later and finish earlier on some days as long as they complete 32 hours a week with you.

How can I find out more information about Year 5?

Visit the Year 5 teaching page of our website at:

Who do I contact if I still have queries?

Please contact the Primary Care teaching team:

2021-22 Cluster Based Teaching 

This year we are running "Cluster Based Teaching" sessions for the students during their year 5 primary care attachment similar to that done in postgraduate teaching.

Groups of 4-8 students from local practices will meet centrally in their academy for one session each week.  This will be facilitated by a GP tutor. The aim of this session would be to give each student an opportunity to learn how different practices work, meet up and discuss issues that have arisen, and be able to share knowledge and experience within the group.

Useful links for Year 5 GP Teachers (documents relate to 2020-21 unless otherwise stated)

Finals examinations

Primary Health Care makes a contribution to the Finals examination for Bristol medical students.  This involves both core members of academic staff and GP teachers from local practices.  We are always keen to hear from GP teachers who would like to be involved.


The GP made us feel very welcome and at ease to ask questions throughout which I found particularly helpful. He was very keen to teach and vastly helped clarify and improve my understanding of various disorders and treatments.

Bristol Medical Student
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