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These pages are for GP teachers. If you are interested in studying medicine at Bristol, please see details of our MB ChB Medicine course.

Teaching in Year 1 and Year 2 are on both on a Thursday, but they are never on the same dates. This is so that GP tutors can teach both year groups if they wish to do a regular teaching session across the year. To help make this easier for you, we have designed an Early Years Teaching Package. All dates for the current academic year can be found in our CAPC Teaching brochure 2023-24 (PDF, 2,079kB)

Primary Care placements form part of a course called Effective Consulting which explores clinical reasoning, clinical communication and clinical skills. Effective Consulting is integrated into student’s case-based learning cycles (these are fortnightly cycles covering Health and Wellbeing in Year 1, and systems and symptoms in Year 2).

In Years 1 and 2 students go to BNSSG and central Bath practices. A session is three hours long. Students should meet patients in surgery and at home, observe consultations, and practice gathering clinical information through history, examination and understanding investigations, relevant to the case and consulting skill they are studying. Students alternate their visits to primary care with visits to the hospital environment. You need to give feedback during the session and individually at the end of the last session. You can have a group of four or six students.

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In Year 1, students have a total of seven or eight sessions in a practice. In October/November, students attend fortnightly on four occasions as part of an introductory course called Foundations of Medicine which introduces them to the healthcare environment and talking with patients and clinicians. The students then come out to practices three or four more times across the year and will focus on a different case and consultation skill each time.

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In Year 2 there are a total of five or six sessions in a practice. In the Autumn students cover: Skin, Body Defence, Pharmacology & Therapeutics, and Anaemia, Blood & Clotting. In GP, students should learn about the clinical themes being taught from the patients they meet in practice. After Christmas, the cases cover specific symptoms; chest pain, breathlessness, abdominal symptoms, joint pain, urinary thirst and weight loss, headache and collapse. For this symptom-based teaching, GP tutors should invite two patients with conditions relevant to the symptom the students are covering and help students practice gathering clinical information through history, examination and investigation.

Useful links for Year 1 GP teachers

Foundations of Medicine October - December

GP1 teacher guide 2022-23 (PDF, 707kB)

GP1 FOM session plan 1: Patients and Health (PDF, 214kB)

GP1 FOM session plan 2: Doctor-patient relationship (PDF, 220kB)

‌‌‌GP1 FOM session plan 3: Professionals and health (PDF, 274kB)

Student material for Year 1 in Clinical Contact in GP during FOM 2022-23 (PDF, 429kB)

Additional and alternative ideas for Year 1 teaching 2022-23 (PDF, 136kB)

Reflective tool - identifying the 5Cs in clinical practice (PDF, 95kB)

COGConnect Consultation Observation Guide (PDF, 155kB)

Human Health and Wellbeing January - May

GP1 HHW Session plan 1 - Musculoskeletal - 19 January 2023 (PDF, 571kB)

GP1 HHW Session plan 2 - Cardiovascular - 2 February 2023 (PDF, 736kB)

GP1 HHW Session plan 3 - Respiratory - 16 February 2023 (PDF, 800kB)

GP1 HHW Session plan 4 - Gastroenterology - 2 March 2023 (PDF, 459kB)

GP1 HHW Session plan 5 - Renal/Urinary - 16 March 2023 (PDF, 866kB)

GP1 HHW Session plan 6 - Endocrine - 4 May 2023 (PDF, 599kB)

GP1 HHW Session plan 7 - Neurology - 18 May 2023 (PDF, 595kB)

Student Concern 

Useful documents and links for Years 1 and 2 GP teachers  


Useful links for Year 2 GP teachers ‌

GP2 teacher guide 2022-23 (PDF, 557kB)

GP2 Clinical Contact Session Plan 2022/23 (PDF, 109kB)

GP2 Skin and Integument session plan - 27/10/22 (PDF, 619kB)

GP2 Body Defence session plan - 10/11/22 (PDF, 351kB)

GP2 Pharmacology and therapeutics session plan 24/11/22 (PDF, 523kB)

GP2 Anaemia, Blood and Clotting session plan 15/12/22 (PDF, 741kB)

GP2 Chest pain session plan 26/1/23 (PDF, 688kB)

GP2 Breathlessness session plan 9/2/23 (PDF, 596kB)

GP2 Abdominal session plan 23/2/23 (PDF, 665kB)

GP2 Joint and back pain session plan 23/3/23 (PDF, 444kB)

GP2 Urinary and thirst session plan 27/4/23 (PDF, 478kB)

GP2 Headache session plan 11/5/23 (PDF, 366kB)

GP2 Collapse session plan 25/5/23 (PDF, 604kB)

Effective Consulting Tutor

If you are interested in becoming an Effective Consulting tutor, please see our guide, Effective Consulting Tutor Recruitment (PDF, 314kB)



Year 1

Academic: Dr Lucy Jenkins

Administrator: Alison Capey

Year 2

Academic: Dr Matt Ridd

Administrator: Alison Capey

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The GPs were excellent and observing their interactions with patients and the subsequent discussion was perhaps the most interesting part. We got a feel for how busy patient lists and challenging patient presentations were managed. The GPs were down-to-earth and keen to involve us, making time to explain and listen to us as well as their patients, despite the time pressures they faced. They were animated and both clearly enjoyed their jobs.

1st Year Bristol Medical Student
Diagnosis:Loneliness Image credit: Weiken Tan, Year 1 Medical Student

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